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Kansas University ROTC Cadet Maj. Nate Kalish, St. Louis, left, runs through a timed assembly of an

The M4 is not a machine gun, it's an assault rifle. Just saying.

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Public gets opportunity to test KU students' work for Ford

Gets rid of the gearshift, retains cheap interior from 1996 Ford Mustang across the board.

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Sound Off: Reporting texters

Oh yeah, must only be young people and college students..

And let's all be real here. You can get away with speeding and running red lights pretty much everywhere in Lawrence. Why? Because there's hardly ever any real traffic enforcement in this town. Calling in someone that is texting while driving will probably illicit a roll-your-eyes approach by the dispatcher.

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More snow on the way this weekend

4-8 inches Saturday through Sunday. $&#%

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Lawrence officer who died in auto accident had blood-alcohol level three times legal limit

Clearly this story can't change what happened. It's still terrible for the family and all that cared for him, but it's still newsworthy. He was a public servant. As a public servant you are held to a higher standard, especially as a law enforcement officer. On or off-duty events like these will always be publicized because the public has the right to know. We are the ones paying their salary. It's the same way for politicians, heads of local government, and even the lowliest private in the Army. Once you are elected or sign-up for the position, your life is transparent publicly and privately.

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Snow coming down hard, area roads snowpacked

I bet your walk to school was up hill, both ways too right?

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City crews prepping early for Wednesday's expected snow storm

I guess they're really good at clearing the streets before a "major" snow storm too now.

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Lawrence Model Railroad Show

I wish something that took over '100 hours' to set up would be open to the public for more than 8 hours...

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Sound Off: Traffic light timing

If you got a constant 14-15mph down downtown Mass, you'll hit every green light. Just saying...

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Sound Off: Genesis Health Club

I could care less what the exterior looks like as long as the equipment is sufficient. Genesis on Iowa just got new dumbbells and some other stuff that was certainly in need of replacing. The crowd is generally sparse there so I can actually get a good workout without waiting.

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