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Brownback budget relies on borrowing idle funds, continued raids on highway money; critics call it 'delusional'

Rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic is an understatement.

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Acting revenue secretary lays out case for keeping Brownback tax policies

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain . . . .

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Kansas governor to give State of State amid budget crunch

Interesting that it is scheduled for 5 pm when most will not be able to attend or listen directly or watch. However perhaps it is a; dietary device - making us nauseas before dinner and thus ingesting less . . . Hey - maybe that is the replacement for Obama Care??

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Attorney blasts Kansas asset forfeiture program as 'highway robbery'

It is always a good thing until you or someone you know is subject to the forfeiture. How in the world can this survive taking without due process? Not my area of expertise, but it just smells. Also, randomly kicking in doors to homes and a warrantless search without probable cause is also an effective crime fighting tool, but I doubt may of us would approve of that "effective crime-fighting tool." A constitution is a stubborn thing, to paraphrase and modify John Adams.

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Kansas tax receipts meet estimates in December

"Tax receipts flowing into state coffers in December came in slightly above the newly revised estimates"
SO we met the lowered numbers. Kind of like shortening a mile race to a 440 and then crowing about your time in the mile. . . .

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Lt. Gov. Colyer: Kansas budget is ready and will be 'structurally balanced'

In a related development, the Lieutenant Governor was spotted affixing wings to several pigs in an attempt at aviation . . . .

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Officials at Kansas revenue department step down after leadership change

Help wanted: No experience required, no ability to add or subtract preferred.

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Arrest affidavit: Carlton Bragg Jr. stood with hands in pockets as girlfriend allegedly hit, pushed him

Hell hath no fury . . . .
SO much for all of the assumptions that were made at the time of the initial arrest.
There is a reason our justice system presumes innocence of an accused.

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Kansas Supreme Court orders second look at appeal in a 1999 rape and robbery case from Lawrence

I do not believe judge Pokorny was the sentencing judge at trial - she was sworn in in 2009.
I believe the trial judge was Judge Martin.
Judge Pokorny handled the initial proceedings about the ineffective assistance of counsel.

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Lawrence man gets 27-month suspended sentence for abusing female KU student he met on Tinder

Well put. If someone wants to yell, yell at the legislature who is the one that put the sentencing guidelines into place. Being upset with Judge Pokorny is like being upset with a highway patrolman who stops you for exceeding the speed limit-he is enforcing what is the law, not making the law.

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