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Second best: Kansas players shut out of first round

"Depiction of Africa". much better.

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Former Kansas governors unite against Brownback, supporters

Unfortunately they are probably voices crying in the wilderness

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Kansas Legislature passes school finance bill; Brownback says he will sign it

RE: The Constitutional Amendment:
"Yes, we are violating the constitution - we will just change it." Kind of like a burglar changing the burglary statutes after he gets caught.

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Second best: Kansas players shut out of first round

"country of Africa"?????

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Brownback orders emergency actions in face of another looming revenue shortfall

So again we will do everything but the rational thing and roll back the tax cuts to LLCs, etc. I thought it was not conservative financial principles to borrow in order to pay the bills . . . . Just sayin'

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Brownback ordered to explain why he hasn’t appointed judge

So now he says he will follow the constitution? Just not for schools . . . .

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More Kansas students will get meals this summer

Brownback must be so proud . . . .

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GOP leader proposes constitutional amendment to stop Kansas school shutdowns

So let me see if I understand this. The funding law violates the state constitution. So we will change the constitution to make it legal to do the illegal. George Orwell could not have proposed it better. Remember, "All animals are equal - just some are more equal than others."

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Tobacco payments to Kansas top $1 billion in 18 years

"Kansas uses most of the money to finance early childhood education programs." Where did the rest of it go?

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