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Coyotes more visible in area this time of year; some things to know about them

24 years ago, before the KU parking lots were built at Crestline and Clinton Parkway, my son and his friends used to go exploring the woods there and saw on more than one occasion a Coyote den with baby coyotes. They kept back, of course and did not interact, but only observed. Used to see coyotes returning to the wooded areas early in the morning regularly, after a night of hunting around.

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Brownback's clout wanes amid talk he may take new job

As the chickens come home to roost, the head chicken hits the road. "Why did the Guv cross the road? To get out of town ahead of the collapse."

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Report: Brownback to be named to U.N. post in Rome

How about "e tutto schemo" - He is a complete fool.

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Report: Brownback to be named to U.N. post in Rome

What did the UN or Rome ever do to us to cause us to inflict the Guv on them? On behalf of Italian-Americans everywhere I offer my deepest apologies.

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Information session on potential whitewater outdoor center scheduled for Thursday

Interesting that the meeting is on a week-day in the morning when most folks are at work. What is wrong with holding it on a Saturday when there could be more public input . . . . Oh, sorry - guess I was not thinking . . . .

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Kansas tax revenues in February beat estimates; shortfall of roughly $281 million still looms for current fiscal year

"It was the third month in a row that tax revenues have met or exceeded official projections, which were drastically lowered in November after several consecutive months of shortfalls. Since then, revenues for the fiscal year have exceeded the new, lower estimates, by about $68.5 million."
You know, if you lowered the basket form 10 feet to 71/2 feet, I could be an all-American too . . . .

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Lawrence man arrested on suspicion of multiple drug crimes, child endangerment

At least they got a valid warrant to search rather than going ahead and searching without one.

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Whitewater group explains how $70 million Clinton Lake project would be funded; it involves help from the public and a new shopping center

As a sidelight, do we really want something around here with the word :Whitewater" in it?

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School board member Kristie Adair resigns, criticizes board over technology, ethical issues

Pot calling Kettle . . . .What an affront to actually expect someone to do the job they ran for and was elected to, which includes being physically present to have discussions and meeting with fellow board members and citizens. If you can't do the job, then don't take it. I understand things change, but the resignation should have happened at that time, not months down the road.

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Kansas officials weigh in on Gorsuch nomination to Supreme Court

And the reaction by the President and Senator Schumer and VP Biden when Biden's prior comments were brought up last year: "President Barack Obama “We know senators say stuff all the time,”
"Referring to past statements from Biden, as well as Sen. Chuck Schumer, Obama said their words have “no application to the actual situation that we have right now,” since there was no nomination at stake at the time. Biden, in a statement on Monday, said that his 1992 speech was about a hypothetical nominee and that it isn’t evidence that he opposes filling a Supreme Court vacancy in an election year."
Right - they have no application because it now is my turn to appoint.
It is all political posturing - never mind what I said when you wanted something - now I want something.
A pox on both their houses.

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