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School board votes to approve Hayden's transfer to COO; public calls for transparency in future

It’s obvious we didn’t do a very good job in communicating why this was equally important and really beneficial to the community and the district.”

“So, as president, I’ll shoulder the blame for that,” he added. “And I appreciate the urgings and comments about the board needing to reflect. I agree. I think this is something we will reflect on moving forward.”
So not change procedures - just reflect on them. To quote Orwell, "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." I guess that the voters are entitled to be equal, just not more equal like the Board..

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Drawing Attention: Brownback's legacy comes up short

Talk about Captain Obvious . . . . God one

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KU police complete investigation into reported rape of 16-year-old at basketball dorm; DA considering charges

Let's all take a breath and here is a novel idea in our day and age - let's wait for facts to come out before we decide the issue. To quote John Adams (who was quoting Alain-René Lesage as translated by Tobias Smollett) "Facts are stubborn things." Let's give facts a chance.

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Police investigating death of Lawrence nurse

Sad news - but why the 5 day time lag from occurrence to the reporting??

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Independent audit ordered after Lawrence leaders find ‘significant’ sums unpaid

I applaud Mr. Markus - he is trying to fix a system designed for a small town that has grown up but still using small town and inbred procedures that should have been changed long ago..

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Trump slams national monuments as 'massive federal land grab,' orders review

And this pertains to the article how?

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Brownback seeks $24M to ban guns at state hospitals

So I assume it would be too costly and cumbersome to just exempt hospitals from the concealed and open carry statute? Oh, sorry, forgot - NRA does not want it . . . . Silly me . . . .

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Trump slams national monuments as 'massive federal land grab,' orders review

I can appreciate and share some of the comments. However having lived in Arizona and Utah for 25 years or so, the other issue is that the federal government owns and controls about 57% of all of the land in the state of Utah and 48% of Arizona - and 84% of Nevada. I am not agreeing with the Prez, but it is an issue that deserves discussion and review.

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Governor signs bill tightening regulations after boy’s death on water slide

Yes, in fact I do. However the former headline (since corrected, I might add) gave the kudos to the Guv - not the legislator who actually carried the water on the bill. The former headline read "Governor tightens regulation".

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