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GOP has right to be cranky

"to be free to juke around and say wild stuff and know that it doesn’t make a dime’s worth of difference"..........

Isn't that about all that Keillor does now?

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KU band heralded after recorded music switch

More Cowbell, More Cowbell!!

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New York Times and CNN both reporting Sebelius as Obama's top choice

In view of the Geithner , Daschel and other Cabinet nominees tax problems, wouldn't it be a hoot if they vetted Kathy for the job and then it came out after she is nominated that her son wrote off the use of Cedar Crest for an at home business expense while selling "Don't drop the Soap".

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Sad chapter

logicsound04 (Anonymous) says…Not quite, madameX.A writ of habeas corpus is a summons with the force of a court order addressed to the custodian (such as a prison official) demanding that a prisoner be brought before the court, together with proof of authority, allowing the court to determine whether that custodian has lawful authority to hold that person.In other words, it would work like this:Detainee requests a great writ.Leavenworth (or whatever detention facility) must then bring the detainee to court along with proof of the authority upon which they are holding the detainee.Since most of the detainees are being held with little to no evidence, it makes it impossible to the detention facility to provide such proof.-------------------------------Not quite logic."The writ of habeas corpus serves as an important check on the manner in which state courts pay respect to federal constitutional rights. The writ is "the fundamental instrument for safeguarding individual freedom against arbitrary and lawless state action." ....Lectric Law Library The "key word" in this definition, Logic, is "State". Leavenworth is a "Federal" institution, not a "State" institution, like Lansing Correctional Facility. The detainees confinement in a Federal institution would be based on Federal laws, not the State of Kansas laws. I believe the Federal courts would be making the decision on where the detainees would be held so, the "writ" would be a mute point since they are not being held in a "State" facility, under Kansas' control..

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Socialism is the right word

Electing Barack Obama president of the United States would be a roll of loaded dice.--- Thomas_________________________I have about decided that this is the bitter pill that we are about to swallow, and maybe we have to, to learn our lesson.. Much like taking our last $20 up to the casino, in hopes of hitting the "jackpot" and saving our a$$ from bankruptcy. In the end, this will be like the long trip back home from the casino, after we lost the last of our money until the next payday, kicking ourself in the a$$ all of the way home, for spending what little we had left, maxing out our credit cards, and writing checks that we can not cover, on a chance to win the "big one". Payday may be another long four years down the road, when we have finally learned our lesson, that hope and wishing do not make success; only hard work, planning, saving for a rainy day are what will save us. But so many want Barack to save us, to be there to hand us the "jackpot" check, won by someone else, but taking it and then sharing it with everyone in the casino. That's not the way that I want to win.

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Mugging lie too easily accepted

Also, where and in what context did daytrader make it a "race thing?" Sorry, but I'm suspicious that you might be on par with Ms. Ashley Todd in the old smartz department if you made that magical parallel- Staff04Sorry Staff, but if I have to spell it out for you, then maybe I also have to question you in the old "smartz" department. But here goes: Pitts said, "Ashley Todd's bizarre story fits into that paradigm of paranoia and white guilt as snugly as a jigsaw puzzle piece. Some of us wonder what motivated her, but I think we should be saving our curiosity for the people with the egg on their faces.I don't care why she told that lie. I am curious why they were so ready to believe it."If you don't think Pitts was suggesting, with that last line, that it was a "race thing" then why was he so "curious" as to why they were so ready to believe it? By Daytrader stating "Yes", it sounds to me like he was agreeing with Pitt's statements and suggesting that all McCain supporters agreed with the views of the blogger's, was he/ she not? Think about it Staff. I know you are not as stupid as you seem to think I am.____________

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Mugging lie too easily accepted

Yes we all know McCain supporters are about as bright as backward B. Backward being the key word here.- Daytrader23________________Just like the blogger's, so anxious to jump on a story to put race in the political mix, Daytrader is so anxious to put down McCain backer's with name calling (Backward??) and questioning their intelligence (bright??) because they don't happen to agree with Barak's political views. It just has to be a "race thing"! Otherwise, how could they ever disagree with the "Messiah"? Pitts is correct in that most mugger's "mug" for personal gain, not to make a political statement, but why does it bother him enough to write an article about it? This kind of crap goes on, all of the time, in the blogosphere. What is new there? He, like the blogger's was using the incident to promote his political views. By his own statements, he had already determined the story "fishy" but still determined that it justified an article for publication. One young lady's need for attention, for what ever reason, should not be used as justification to lump all McCain backer's into a racially bias heap.

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Justice Alito to present award to Deanell Tacha

Who?____________For your information, I'll tell you what I know. Deanell Reece grew up in a very small town in Kansas (Scandia), a town of maybe 400-500 people in North-Central Ks. She graduated from Scandia High School in about 1964 I think. Her Mother taught Junior/ Senior high Sunday School class at the Methodist Church in Scandia. Deanell has 3 sisters, all very smart and successful to my knowledge. Her family were always loyal KU supporters and living examples of just good people with a lot of common sense and energy. Her father, Bill Reece, built a very successful construction company, I think her background built the base of her as a smart, fair, and honest person and that, in turn has made her a very exceptional judge. By the way "Pogo", she was one of the "little guys" that made good in this country. That is what we all strive for in our lives. What is so wrong with that? It is my opinion that Ms. Reese-Tacha would make an exceptional choice for the Supreme Court at some point in the future.

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Global issue

A quote from the North Dakota State Historical Society:"Before Euro-American settlement of the Northern Plains began in the 19th Century, the land had been occupied for many centuries. Archeological investigations document the presence of big game hunting cultures after the retreat of the continental glaciers about 10,000 years ago". I quote this notation because I have to wonder how if, according to Bridget and the "numerous climate researchers and scientists," global warming is the product of "human activity", then what in the hell caused the contnental glaciers to retreat or "melt". It sure wasn't human activity that caused it! So was it a natural occurance and wasn't the out-come a good thing? Heck, Maybe God did it so these morons would have a nice warm place to live.

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Maverick move

As I posted in the letter about intellect, and I think it fits here also: Are you intellectual enough,, as well as many of us others, and willing to see that a combination of views; compromise, may be a better route to the success of this country than just going all the way "Left" or all of the way "Right"? That's an interesting concept, A government of the people, by the people, and for the people. That idea just might catch on!

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