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A Thousand Voices: Survey shows support for smoking ban in city parks

Are these the same people who want to legalize marijuana for "health" reasons? The same people who want us to "tolerate" everyone's differences and "choices" in life? The same people who drove the 'poison exhaust emitting" automobile to the park so that they could enjoy the clean air in the park? Oh, for God's sake, don't let that guy that is 100 yards away from me light up that smoke or puff on that e-cigarettle! It's going to poison me and my children who are sitting here smelling of cheap perfume and farting! Oh, the inhumanity of it all! Whaaaaaaa....What else can I complain about today? Oh, that right, a teacher in class at KU said a bad word while trying to teach a bunch of grown up brats something in Grad school and they were offended by it! My goodness....please refrain from allowing people to make adult choices so that I can forever live in this fair and honest utopia that I have created!

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Some Kansas University students filed a discrimination complaint with KU against assistant professor

Unbelievable, to me, that Adult "Grad" students actually do not have the maturity or the emotional ability to "deal" with this little obstacle in their life! My goodness, next thing you know is that someone will have the audacity to tell them "NO" or make them honestly earn their degree! What a bunch of wimps!

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Campuswide tobacco ban at KU pushed back a year

Big Brother.....

taking individual freedom away one step at a time! We must control the "air space" around each individual and for as far away from them as we possibly can! Better watch out! All of those nasty old smokers may quit and then they will have to start taxing something you like to use!

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Opinion: GOP should focus on late-term abortion

Renee.....What other word would be better to use to describe a person who uses scissors to cut the neck of a born baby, in order to sever it's spinal cord?

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Leavenworth business owner thwarts armed robbery by fooling suspect with remote control

See....We don't need "Gun Control" ....We need "Remote Control"!

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Incoming KU student faces deportation after arrest

"His mom was a school teacher in Mexico, and his dad was only one year from a degree in engineering, but they came to the U.S. looking for a cure for their son."

My parents came here just for me,” he said. “My dad tells me, ‘I’d rather risk coming here than risk losing you.’”

"Within a week, he was diagnosed with easily treatable lactose intolerance"
OK. I understand why the kid wants to stay here. He's been here all of his life. But, read this again. Within a week, dianosed with an EASILY treatable lactose intolerance. So, why did they not get him treated and go back home? Why have they stayed another ninteen years? One, a school teacher and the other, one year away from an Engineering degree? Could she come over here and teach? Could the father finish his one year of school and get his degree here? No! Why not go back home and keep teaching and let the father get the degree, then, if they had still wanted to immigrate, they could have applied for US citizenship while they were working and finishing school. A teacher and an engineer would probably do Mexico a lot more good in getting their country back in order than coming here illegally, and working at what? If they came here legally, they could probably put those skills to work here also.
Sorry kid, you need to go back to Mexico, apply for citizenship, and take your illegal parents with you!

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Census may boost Hispanic political clout

Broder says, "By staying uncounted, Hispanics reduce the flow of government funds to their cities and states, and even deny themselves representation in Congress and the legislatures."

I know I am late in posting but it sounds to me like Broder is talking about the "Illegal" people that do not want to be counted. Why would the "legal" people have a problem being counted? And since when should we "increase the flow of government funds" if it is because of an increase in the count of "illegal" persons? And denying them representation in Congress? I still thought "illegal" meant Not Legal", as in Against the Law.
The only representation an "illegal" should have is the attorney that represents them when they go to court to get deported. And they need to pay for the attorney, not us taxpayers.
Come into the country legally and most will welcome you with open arms, come illegally and there is only one direction that you need to go....Back!

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Free speech

Did_I_say_that --- Thanks! I'm glad you cleared that up!

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Free speech

Let's see......"Smerconish, odious, apostasy, schism, megalomaniacs, debauched, Gnostic cult, buttress, and heresiarch". Gosh darn.....I'm just an old Kansas Farm boy. My head hurts!!!

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Bush crimes

scott3460 (Anonymous) says…

Palin resigning. Wonder what she's been caught doing?
Did you say the same thing about Kathleen S. when she resigned Scott?

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