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State abortion rate decreases

Well Mariann ... I know for a fact that kansasbrandon is one of those 200 million.

What's your point?

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Police investigate reported rape

"Police are investigating this attack as well as three other cases since 2004, which may be related."

This should be a front page story.

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Concert by WILCO planned for mid-May in downtown Lawrence

My all time favorite band. I'm all for it.

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Identigen to track products, market response


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Have you had any trouble with credit card debt?

I haven't had a credit card in almost two years. My life is much better because of it.

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Americans' debt woes expand as unpaid credit card bills rise

Two years ago we (my wife and I) paid off all our credit cards, and then got rid of all of them. Making the choice to live without credit cards was one of the best choices we have made for our family.

Hard to believe, but you don't NEED a credit card to function in our society.

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Lawrence churches hit in wave of vandalism

I third Ohyasee, Termcd4 and Write2Know. There's hardly anything for youth to do in this town.

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Calming influence

All the things a doula does mentioned in this article can also be learned through LMH's pre-birth class. Sounds like you can save some money and just do it yourself.

But, to each his own.

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/redesign/2007/ -- 2007 redesign

OK, I must admit, I don't like the washed out look. The white just seems too ... white.

Sorry, I'm generally behind a redesign but this look is too blah for my taste. I really feel like I have to scroll down pretty far to see what I want to see, even with 1280 X 1024 resolution. The text just doesn't "pop."

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KU officials monitoring details from Virginia Tech shooting

Kate, well said. Marion could learn a few things from you.

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