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Lawrence women fast for fair wages

This is a terribly important issue. We should all pick up that tomato in the grocery store and think about where it came from and the fair labor practices that got it to us. They do have "fair" defined...... "The Fair Food program has insisted a Code of Conduct that guarantees 1 penny more per pound of tomatoes picked, shade on-site for workers to get out of the hot Florida sun, buckets that need to be filled just to the brim with fruit, and not over the brim, and a no-tolerance policy on sexual harassment. If this is found to be happening in the fields, then companies should not buy from them." They try to draw attention to the issue without a boycott as their purpose is not to hurt the business - just get them to agree to purchase from companies that have signed the Code of Conduct. And yes, women are working in the fields to feed their families. And for those of you mentioning immigration laws, that same tomato would rot on the vine if there weren't migrant workers (most here legally) because they are willing to work under those conditions just to feed their families.....wonder how many of us would??

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Lawrence kayaker drowns in Kansas River in Topeka

We grieve for his family and the loss that only a shining star creates. The St Francis family lost a cherished and devoted doctor, colleague and friend. He was truly one of the good guys!

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What is your favorite local pizza place?

Or us oldster Lawrencians knew it as Ken's

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Eudora man charged with animal cruelty sues Osage County

I'm speculating here too but I'd probably do something lawless to save an animal also! End justifies the means? Probably not, especially if your LE, but why are you so antagonistic??

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Lack of composure in chippy game vs. Cal shows KU basketball team's immaturity

Wonder if Bill's comments about the Burlington and Lawrence, KS's boys toughness this week translated to "thug mentality" for some of the others. These guys are old enough to understand composure in hostile environments - #3 in the nation, everyone's going after you any way they can - but they also need strong leadership to show them how to translate that emotion into positive, mature behavior - felt like they were taunted a bit this week by their coach. And I'm a huge Self fan but when something goes wrong with the "underlings" you have to start looking at the top down. And that also goes for the refs as I also believe that they should have had better control of the game.

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Town Talk: West Lawrence restaurant closes; Famous Dave's close to making announcement; Glass recycling at Farmland possible

I agree with a previous post - really going to miss Old Chicago - great place for the family to meet up and easy to please the 3 yr old , the 88 yr old and every beer drinker in between! I heard from good sources that they left because of poor building management - couldn't get them to fix things. So whomever owns that strip mall, I'm guessing they will stay away from anything else they own. Would love to see them find another location.......and soon!! Bring back Shannon and the gang!

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Convicted murderer moving forward

Proud to be Kathie's friend then and and even prouder now! Rock on Kath!

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Wayward pet found after 3-week excursion

Could have easily happened to anyone....including the owner. Just glad there is a happy ending to the story!

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Should smoking be banned in residences owned by the Lawrence-Douglas County Housing Authority?

If you are going to make a law/rule, you are going to have to find a way to enforce it and I just think that's going to be really hard. And what's the penalty? We've already established that they have no money. Eviction? Defeats the purpose of public housing. And neighbor narcing on neighbor?? And even though I'm not saying just because it's hard, don't do it but it sounds like it would be difficult to enforce and cause more problems than solve.

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Lack of acceptance drives gays to hide from reality now they give Pulitzer Prizes to "vapid columnist"?

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