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Letter: Local control

Anybody know where we can see a detailed budget and expenditures report for the proposed bond?

How about the final itemized outlays for the previous one? Thanks.

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Sound Off: Motorcycle mufflers

Oh, good grief. The fact that the loudest bikes--Harleys, uncorked crotch rockets, and the like--seem to be the ones most frequently involved in accidents indicates that loud pipes really don't have much bearing on safety, contrary to this lame attempt to justify their existence.

Rather, loud pipes seem to be more closely associated with inexperience, attention-seeking, and a lack of skill and judgment than with accident prevention.

Do you also think that "laying it down" is the best way to avoid an accident? High correlation between this dangerous misperception and loud pipes, too.

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Letter: No update

When you understand that we create our gods, and not the other way around, you will understand why these "objective" standards of morality are human constructions, too.

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Letter: Unchanging God

Actually, it's Harvey I argue with. To the same end.

But please, by all means, continue to absolve those who would use their god as an excuse for their own words and actions: "The devil/god/bible made me do it." Sure, we've all heard it.

Free will. Do you have it?

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Terrell Miller, of Wichita, was in town for the men's basketball game Saturday with his 1989 Chevy C

Serious hoops, man! Saw you a couple times today. Very cool!

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Wichita superfan with Jayhawkmobile a big hit with KU fans Saturday

Yeah, I saw him on west campus, as he was cruising from the Lied down toward 19th.

Terrell, if you're reading, you should come up for the Art Tougeau parade! It's a blast and I'll bet they'd love to have you!

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Capitol Report: Drug testing for state benefits; Landwehr lands state job; Brownback changes tune on EITC

What is the threshold income for testing? Because if we're only testing poor people, then this is an non-starter. And Merrick knows this, yet he's willing to be just another bumpkin trotting out this proposal and pretending that it's because he's concerned about the budget. The idea that only recipients of welfare or unemployment should be subject to testing is stupid.

In my view, if we're going to test, then we should start by testing the recipients of the largest amounts of state and federal benefits. And if corporations are people, and if anyone in a corporation tests positive, then any benefits--whether abatements, incentives, or other subsidies--provided by government to said corporation should be forfeit.

We should also investigate whether any of our elected officials are involved, say, with the Family or with other shadow groups supporting murderous anti-gay terrorist regimes in Uganda. Just as a f'rinstance.

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Letter: Center support

If the city is going to pay $25M for anything, then the citizens of Lawrence must be the number one users, and the priority of usage must reflect our status as the outright owners of the facility, not KU, not AAU, not NCAA.

The signs at Lawrence High spell out that the stadium is for use by students. Other users must work around LHS users. The signs at the new facility must give the same priority to the citizens of Lawrence.

If we can't get a clear commitment from KU and from other parties involved that this facility is first and foremost a CITY facility, then we can just drop this charade right now.

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Letter: Rejecting God

When you understand why you've rejected all other gods except your own, you'll understand why I've rejected yours.

The shootings are the predictable result of 1) easy access to guns for even the most unfit person; 2) the carefully-cultivated belief that guns give power, meaning, and identity; and 3) the idea that more guns is the solution to gun violence. These three messages form the cornerstone of NRA's campaigns on behalf of the "market," which is the best indication of the righteousness of the NRA's mission, according to Wayne LaPierre.

Every gun murder in the history of this nation was committed by a person with a gun. "Obviously," you say?

Yeah, it should be pretty obvious.

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City agrees to close portion of 15th/Bob Billings Parkway for summer of 2013, despite objections

I wonder if any of the drivers who are complaining about the closure will be concerned enough to try to carpool, walk, bike or take the bus--anything at all, even the smallest change in habit--to improve matters.

For 99% of the people going to KU from anywhere inside the city limits, a car should be unnecessary. If you're driving these embarrassingly short distances anyway, you should have someone in the car with you. Same for if you're driving in from out of town--find someone to share the ride. Anyone truly concerned about traffic and congestion will do something about it. Those who aren't truly concerned won't. They will still be alone in their cars, with 4-6 empty seats, probably complaining about traffic.

Businesses at BB and Kasold are concerned about the effect of the closure 1 mile to the east because they probably realize that drivers seem to think a 1-mile-or-less detour--to Crestline or Harvard, in a car, where all you have to do is push on a gas or brake pedal, fer pete's sake--is too much of an inconvenience. Ohhh, the horrors!

Worried about too much traffic? Then don't add to it.

Remember, this is all because of the two-way left turn lane on Iowa--the one that is designed to encourage more KU traffic to cut through the Hillcrest/Summit area. This traffic should be forced to stay on US59 until 15th St., where KU should take responsibility for it. The left-turn lane is unnecessary, and is a bad reaction to the bad habits and inattentiveness of typical motorists on Iowa. Left turns should have been prohibited between Harvard and 15th. Yes, this would mean locals would have to plan their routes to obviate the need for left turns from Iowa. And yes, I realize that this is too much to ask of our poor, put-upon, downtrodden motorists. Thus the left-turn lane.

Oh, yeah...I'm not a Hillcrest resident.

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