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Editorial: Stadium success

KU's stadium expansion will, according to plans already released, require relocation and reconstruction of 11th/Fambrough, improvements to Mississippi, and upgrades to sanitiary sewer and runoff management systems, ALL of which must be paid by KU.

So before KU even thinks about suggesting (again) that the city pay for these improvements, the answer is still, "No." This is all on KU's dime, and this theme should echo through the upcoming LJW stories, and repeated during KU's future discussions and announcements.

If KU needs improvements, then KU pays for them 110%.

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State GOP adopts resolution demanding withdrawal from Common Core, science standards

The less you know, the more you believe what Arnold is saying.

This is not a fed v. state issue. If you cannot or (in keeping with the apparently deliberate bumpkin act) will not understand this fundamental fact, then you're just the voter that the KS Republican Party is counting on!

The question we should be asking is: do Arnold and the rest of these backward pups really believe what's not true, or are they lying in order to curry favor with the ignorant?

Oh, and...irony. The resolution has it.

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Bicyclist injured in accident

Actually, the ones we need to get off the roads are motorists who can't navigate normal traffic without almost causing a head on collision because they steer their cars into the oncoming lane instead of braking and waiting until it is safe to pass. You did not almost have a head-on collision because of a cyclist.

Did a cyclist prevent you from braking? Did a cyclist reach into the car and steer the wheel?
No. You are allegedly in control of your car, and if you cannot be bothered to look out your windshield, or drive at an appropriate speed for road geometry and conditions, then you have no one to blame but yourself.

Much driving is recreational, too. Anyone who could walk, bike, bus, or carpool, but who chooses not to, is a recreational driver.

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Letter: Cultural deafness

Yep. Do you happen to know where it was supposed to go? Do you know who suggested the 32nd/wetlands alignment? Do you know when? Or why? If you knew these things, you might better understand why it has taken so long.

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Editorial: Cost recovery

Because the users are motorists, and subsidizing motorists is what we do.

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New law allows restricted driver's license for unpaid traffic tickets

Cracked windshield, taillight out? Okay. Give 'em a break. Maybe.

Speeding, parking, failure to yield, running red light, or other moving violation?

Um, no. If you've demonstrated you're a problem driver, then the last thing we want to do is make you think you'll be able to keep driving. This is already a huge problem.

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Summer road construction a necessary evil for Lawrence drivers and businesses

The problem in Lawrence is not traffic, and it's not connectivity.

It's single-occupancy drivers driving less than a mile to destinations instead of walking, biking, busing, or even considering carpooling with their nearby neighbors who are going to the same destinations.

Sure, we _like_ to use our cars. Alone. Every day. But this is the cost of that wasteful lifestyle choice.

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Brownback says Romney focused too much on the economy in failed White House bid

Romney was not the inventor of government-mandated health care in this nation or any other. I sincerely doubt he recognized, understood, or cared about the government's compelling interest in the health of its own citizens, but he certainly saw an opportunity to funnel more money to insurance companies and other paper-shuffling non-producers. In that regard, his plan was similar to to today's ACA. If our country would shift from employer-based pools to a national pool, we'd be making progress, but that's a fundamental shift that is unlikely as long as we allow the general welfare of Americans to be subverted by profit motives.

As for items 2 - 4, you're correct.

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Brownback says Romney focused too much on the economy in failed White House bid

Just in case anyone is still wondering what's the matter with Kansas. Exhibit A--our governor.

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Road work on K-10 bypass begins Friday; downtown and 23rd Street bridges reopen

K-10, like its future 32nd St. alignment, is not a bypass. The planned bypass is--and always was planned--farther south. You know...the one that will be needed in another 10-15 years.

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