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‘The Socially Skilled Child Molester’: How communities and parents overlook pedophiles

As an adult with a job that puts him in close proximity to children I am somewhat offended by the article. It all but implies that any adult that chooses to work with kids should be treated with suspicion. So there are 15 men across the state of Kansas over several decades that the Boy Scouts know were not good people. 15? How many total scout leaders were interacting appropriately over that time period. I'm not defending how the organization handled the situation. Instead I'm saying lets not treat EVERY adult that wants to work with kids as a pedophile because SOME people have bad intentions.

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House approves concealed carry on campus

"Ever think that maybe people don't like the prospect of being caught in a crossfire between a bad guy and a suddenly nervous citizen? If you are killed, does it really matter if the bullet came from a criminal or a law abiding citizen? That is why some don't like this."

- But why would I be shooting at you? Furthermore, if I'm shooting at someone it is a last resort and they will be close enough that I will not miss.

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House approves concealed carry on campus

"Geekyhost", I am amazed at how much I agree with what you said above. I personally have a CCW permit and never once wished I could carry onto campus to attend class. Matter of fact, I have only carried a handful of times and that was only when I was transporting large sums of money at night by myself. I also agree that guns really have no place on a university campus in polite society. Guns simply don't belong there. However, what if I have a violent stalker? Is he going to leave his at home because of a "law" or do I have to be a criminal to protect myself? Stupid situation, but it's the point am trying to get at.

I wish people would stop trying to take the rights of EVERYONE away because they don't trust a handful of people to be responsible and leave their gun at home or handle it carefully.

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House approves concealed carry on campus

This isn't about guns. It's about where lawful people can have them. Some of you confuse "telling good people where they can have them" with eliminating ALL guns from an area. Criminals will bring theirs and therefore I should be allowed to bring mine. Just because I can doesn't mean I will.

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House approves concealed carry on campus

The law limits guns on university grounds because the university has posted "gun buster" signs at all the points of entry.

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House approves concealed carry on campus

Guns can kill people. You can't deny this fact, regardless of what side of the argument you are on. I believe that the world might even be a better place had guns not been invented. That's not to say people wouldn't still kill other people, but it is a lot harder to many people quickly with a rock, stick or even arrow.

However, until you can ban guns (and I mean ALL of them) what is the point of telling lawful people that they can't carry one? To repeat a point made earlier. Do you honestly think a store with the "no concealed carry" sign on the door will never be robbed by a person with a gun because of the "requirement" to not enter with a gun? Of course not, criminals ARE criminals.

Also, don't just assume that a bunch of CC people will turn a mass murder into a blood bath through the crossfire. They teach you in the training to AVOID the confrontation if possible. I can tell you that if I were in a room where someone began shooting I would leave if possible, and only shoot if I felt that it was my only option. The permit allows me to protect only MYSELF and to some extent my family. While ending a rampaging murder's life might make me a hero, it is technically against the law unless I was directly threatened. Being a hero isn't worth the risk of injuring others or being targeted by other concealed carriers. But, if I was the one being threatened I can promise you that the rampage would end and maybe no one after myself would have to suffer.

Point is bad people carry guns WHERE EVER THEY WANT. Why tell me that there are places that are off limits?

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