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Legislature unlikely to change proof-of-citizenship requirement for voter registration

I'm sorry but if you have to be a citizen of the USA to hold an office, then you should be a citizen to be able to vote. If you do not have your proof that you are a citizen then you need to file for citizenship. It is written in the constitution that voters must be legal citizens. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh but its the law and if they want to change the law and allow illegals to vote it will only come back to bite them later!

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Kansas company recalls ground beef because of possible E. coli contamination

E. Coli is nothing to mess with. Also it has been found in iceberg lettuce mixes as well but you don't see that listed here. I found that on Yahoo. My wife has been unlucky enough to get E.Coli from the salad mix and was hospitalized for 4 days from it.

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Letter: Fireworks menace

Okay there currently is a ban and does it help? No because there are so many people shooting fireworks for the police to stop. Also if your going to ban them shouldn't you ban the firework stands from the area?? I agree that there is a time and place. That 2-4 and 5th in the case of rain on the 4th is okay from 8-12 is respectable. After that however is not and those should be punished. Also if you do not like the sound wear ear plugs to bed. I do so on those days and sleep very well. Just as you have the right to complain others have the right to support it. Personally Fireworks have been apart of the 4th of July since that first year it was celebrated and they should not be banned just have rules that need to be heeded.

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Two men arrested in connection with Sunday morning shooting

This place needs closed. I live in the area and I can't get out of my driveway to go to work because people park on the streets blocking driveways. It needs closed and some store to go in. I night club doesn't belong that close to residential homes especially with the number of children that live in the area!

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One person injured in cross-median crash on Kansas Highway 10 near Eudora

This is the perfect example of why we need the barriers on K-10 also it would help if people didn't think it was the Indy 500! Its 70 people and if you didn't read the article in yesterdays paper you might want to archive it as they are going to crack down on speeders on K-10, I-70 and 1-35. Get there safe slow down, ignore your phones, use hands free devices if you need to call!

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Former California educator named to Lawrence school district's administrative team

Yeah they were but they closed that school which was Wakarusa now its the virtual school.

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New Deal II

In order to "balance" the budget govenment needs to look at their own pay. Do they really work harder than a teacher who is teaching a class of 30 plus students now because of their cuts to education? Hmmmm its very simple what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Cut government paychecks down, remove benefits from them, they are no better than we are, they work no harder than we do there for they should have equal pay!

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City mulls policy that would crack down on landlords

That's fine that they want to stop over crowding of homes. But what about the landlords "slumlords" that do not make needed repairs? There are several in town that think its okay to not fix things such as water heaters, air conditioners, major appliances that are supplied for the rentees and so on. Also I wonder about the rent to own landlords and how the city is allowing them to do this with reporting to credit bureaus as most other landlords do? The city really needs to look at all landlord issues and correct a good many things since this town is largely made up of rentals!

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Lawrence man, 26, pleads no contest to having relationship with 14-year-old girl

I'm guessing the editor was sleeping when they looked at this article misleading headline and Mr. Rapp's first name was not included. Given the issue that should have been released.

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Meetings scheduled to address closure of Lawrence's SRS office; Brownback administration remains mum

"Brownback said people served by the Lawrence office could use the Internet or travel to other cities for assistance" Okay 80% of the people that recieve services take the bus to get there. Is Brownback willing to use some of that 300,000 to provide busing to other cities. Why don't you cut the congresses pay for a change!!!!! Go ahead but the working people that produce your food, clothing and gas in poverity even more. Please do Kansas a favor and NOT run for relection!

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