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Lawrence landmarks undergoing renovations

The finials on the Courthouse clock tower were removed during the last "restoration" effort with replacement promised. A year later (with budget woes multiplying) a county spokesperson indicated there was no plan to replace the finials. Now, three years later, we're told that they will ensure historical elements are maintained. I find a credibility gap that no amount of caulk will fill.

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Sebelius names Kittel new 7th Judicial District judge

Judge Kittel has served the citizens of Douglas County as a fine judge already for the past seven years. At last, she receives the recognition--and pay--associated with the job.I belive she will continue to serve with dedication, intelligence, and keen judgment tempered by experience.

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June 1 deadline set for coal plants

Let's see....Sunflower is offering contingent bribes ($2.5 million over 10 years to K-State) and setting a 100-day deadline or the whole thing goes away because, as one might reasonably infer from Mr. Watkins' comments, it doesn't make economic sense after June 1.

I support our representatives who have taken a reasoned and principled stand against this ill-considered legislation.

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Inspiring guest

Bravo to all of the musicians who rose to the occasion! The concluding diminuendo to "Sleep" was mesmerizing...barely audible, drawing the audience into the transcendent whisps of sound.

Dare I say that it isn't a matter of the school administration _allowing_ such an inspirational concert to take place...they would be derelict in their fiduciary duty not to do everything in their power to fully fund and support such programs.

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Choral teacher 'floored' by award

A well-deserved honor for an exceptional teacher, fine musician and a delightful person. Congratulations!

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K.C. Symphony to cap Music Works! fundraiser

What a great way to support music in the Lawrence schools! Bravo to the Kansas City Symphony and to Music Works!

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Locals helped change state activities policy

The Kansas State High School Activities Association is a bunch of bureaucrats who have no clue what consititues good policy. KSHSAA does not organize the events...they sanction them. And through the muddy vision of our legislators, KSHSAA has sole authority to regulate "activities."
Music is fundamental to a good education and is curricular, not extra- or co-curricular. KSHSAA needs to butt out. And our legislature needs to strip KSHSAA of authority over curricular matters.

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Fond memory

I recall hearing Rostropovich play Dvorak's Cello Concerto in 1986...phenomenal! For an encore, he performed the Saraband from Bach's 5th Cello Suite....the audience and orchestra, over 2000 people, were completely transfixed by his performance. He held the silence following the last note and everyone was enraptured. Many lives were enriched through his art.

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/redesign/2007/ -- 2007 redesign

Jeff, you asked for specific comments so here are some specific comments about the font:
The lowercase letter "t" is virtually swallowed when followed by another letter. The lowercase letter "r" is barely distinguishable from the letter "i" and the "r" is continually crowded by other letters. The upper left side of letters "m", "n" and "p" appears to be missing some pixels. There is very little in the way of visual clues to differentiate "f" and "t". The letters "o", "e" and "s" are given disproportionate visual weight due to their size. The proportions of the various letters do not work together harmoniously. The font is difficult to read at 12 points. With so many hundreds of legible, pleasing (not to mention, stylish) fonts, it boggles the imagination how you design mavens could make such an abysmal selection.

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/redesign/2007/ -- 2007 redesign

I'm not fond of the wider format since I have an older screen but I'll get used to it.
I DO like the white space.

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