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City Manager David Corliss to leave Lawrence for job in Colorado

Dave, thank you for your years of tireless service to our community. Lawrence is a better place because of you.

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New campaign finance reports in City Commission race; Rasmussen apologizes for accepting Crossland donations and returns funds; City Hall details projects to delay if police HQ moves ahead

Samantha, My wife Angie and I gave to Jeremy’s campaign because we believed in him. Still do. It is the same reason We support Stan Rasmussen. While they are both different people with their own views, we see them as strong leaders with a great vision for Lawrence. We also believe they are uniquely able to help bridge the divide that separates Lawrence. I know them to be people of high integrity and a deep passion for Lawrence. I hope you are able to get to know Stan personally and make your decision to vote, either way, based on personal contact rather than through a blog.

Samantha, there is no hidden agenda. I am happy to discuss candidates or CadreLawrence anytime. My phone number is 785.226.2908

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Rock Chalk Park audit recommends city make final $1M payment, but finds accounting of project was incomplete

Thank you Bruce. Your points are fair and positive. It is easy to get swept up in the negative especially when that is all we read. The end does not justify the means and no doubt there are lessons learned through this that will guide decisions in the future. I do believe it is fair to recognize all the many positives happening in our community. This commission has been the most active in years. Rock Chalk Park is a great success (process aside) and will be a destination and tax generating engine for years to come. The SLT is underway. Quality development driving needed density downtown is happening. Relationships between City, County, Public and Private are better than ever. Venture park is attracting attention and our next round of jobs. The Peaslee Center will help our citizens train and re-train for higher paying jobs. Oversight of our significant rental stock is in place. The 9th Street Corridor project is becoming a reality. Whispers of new development south and west of town are exciting things to anticipate. Infrastructure improvements above and below ground are keeping up with our growing needs. We could go on and on…

All of this enabled and led by our City Commission. They work hard in a thankless job for only one purpose, to serve each of us. I personally feel they deserve our thanks and respect.

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Your Turn: Planning must respect community vision

I agree with Ms. Davis assertion that a community vision should guide development. I also agree that development in West Lawrence is needed and likely inevitable. There are a couple of points we should discuss…

• Our comprehensive plan sets this area for consumer business. Members of the planning commission, who were present at the time H2020 was drawn, have stated this was their intent and believe it a good location for a retail center

• More important, The Southpoint developers have been working hand in hand with today’s city planners and have received their approval

So far, we have not been able to convince developers that West Lawrence is right for them. We need to think seriously about building incentives into that area making it a logical and attractive direction for development. Saying yes to the Southpoint project will not limit or restrict development in West Lawrence. When Mercado becomes a viable option, people will build.

Our downtown is alive and important and a big part of what makes Lawrence special. I believe the two best things we can do for our downtown is to drive density by design into that area (more people and businesses) and to do what we can to keep people here to spend their retail dollars. We lack the options today’s consumers want which is why so many go to Topeka, KC and the Legends. If those options are made available, people will have a choice to stay home which benefits every business.

Let’s also remember how badly our city needs sales tax revenue. Our infrastructure needs (Library, Police HQ etc.. ) have outpaced our revenues Two separate studies have shown the Southpoint development will increase sales tax revenue for Lawrence and DGCO. We have an opportunity to draw shoppers from other cities to Lawrence to experience our wonderful community and deposit their sales tax revenue while they are here.

The Southpoint project is a good fit for the intersection of two highways, is consistent with our comprehensive plan, has the support of our cities planning staff, would make a great gateway to our city and would bring badly needed sales tax revenue to our community while keeping shoppers at home and drawing others from surrounding communities.

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Planning Commission recommends denial of major shopping center along SLT

A disappointing miss for our community… We need development in west Lawrence but we cannot force a developer to invest in an area just because you want it there. It has to make sense for them too. Let’s hope our City Commissioners can pull together a 4-1 approval to get this great project producing sales tax $$ our city desperately needs

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Letter: Broadband strategy

I agree on the critical need for high speed internet in order to stay competitive. Lawrence must act and soon. This is no longer a future nice to have. It is a right now differentiator.

How we go about getting there will be of critical long term importance. We need to build on our new success and be careful not to slide back into the old behaviors which locked Lawrence for so long.

The debate over public incentive to encourage private investment in development has raged in this town for some time. The math though is clear that in the right situations, deferral of a property tax as a part of the full economic model, will return expanded economic benefit many times over. One has to look beyond the simple issue of property tax to see it and few are willing to do that work. Another source of confirmation is the knowledge this this method of incenting development is a standard across the country.

We should also be very careful when considering a move for the government to take over this private industry. If the government steps in to take away this booming market, it will drive innovators and investors away from our community. The very people we hoped to attract.

These are tough decisions and require carefully thought out and experienced positions.

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Commissioner floats idea of City Commission meetings including comments from Twitter users

I don't use twitter often, my age I guess, but I do know it is a very popular communication platform and used broadly by a large and often younger demographic. Chad listed a number of very good questions which should be thought through before jumping in but I applaud Mr. Farmer for keeping his promises to engage with all of our community and draw their opinions into the conversation.

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Editorial: Vision needed

"Local leaders should be looking at Lawrence’s strengths and how to build on them. Instead of just drawing zoning districts on a map, the city should first think about the broad future of Lawrence" well said and so very important.

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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

Thank you Lawrence Journal World and The World Company. This is an important development for Lawrence and I believe represents courageous leadership on the part of the World Company.

Asking for attribution does not prevent anyone from sharing an opinion or disagreeing with another's point of view. I believe you will find more people willing to be engaged in this community dialogue when they find a civil conversation taking place. More from our community will be engaged helping us all to make decisions inclusive of all opinions.

I also believe this change will help others from outside Lawrence see us as the community we are. Open to all ideas, respectful of others and a remarkable place to call home.

Gary Rexroad

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Editorial: Details, details

I respectfully disagree with the Editor. This project has had far more intense inspection than any in recent memory with hundreds of critical column inches from this paper alone.

I believe our commissioners are representing us well, have been transparent and are acting in good faith. They are people of integrity and are owed our mutual respect and thanks for their service.

The editor points out some potential problems yet to be worked out.

"What happens, for instance, when city events or just routine use of the recreation center conflicts with a major event at the KU facilities? How will parking be apportioned? Will people attending a KU event take up all the free spaces that should be available for patrons of the city’s center? How will parking be allocated if the city center is hosting a major event?"

Aren't those exactly the kind of problems that accompany success? I am excited for that day to come...

This project has been delayed long enough. Commissioners, please approve this project.

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