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Commissioner floats idea of City Commission meetings including comments from Twitter users

I don't use twitter often, my age I guess, but I do know it is a very popular communication platform and used broadly by a large and often younger demographic. Chad listed a number of very good questions which should be thought through before jumping in but I applaud Mr. Farmer for keeping his promises to engage with all of our community and draw their opinions into the conversation.

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Editorial: Vision needed

"Local leaders should be looking at Lawrence’s strengths and how to build on them. Instead of just drawing zoning districts on a map, the city should first think about the broad future of Lawrence" well said and so very important.

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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

Thank you Lawrence Journal World and The World Company. This is an important development for Lawrence and I believe represents courageous leadership on the part of the World Company.

Asking for attribution does not prevent anyone from sharing an opinion or disagreeing with another's point of view. I believe you will find more people willing to be engaged in this community dialogue when they find a civil conversation taking place. More from our community will be engaged helping us all to make decisions inclusive of all opinions.

I also believe this change will help others from outside Lawrence see us as the community we are. Open to all ideas, respectful of others and a remarkable place to call home.

Gary Rexroad

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Editorial: Details, details

I respectfully disagree with the Editor. This project has had far more intense inspection than any in recent memory with hundreds of critical column inches from this paper alone.

I believe our commissioners are representing us well, have been transparent and are acting in good faith. They are people of integrity and are owed our mutual respect and thanks for their service.

The editor points out some potential problems yet to be worked out.

"What happens, for instance, when city events or just routine use of the recreation center conflicts with a major event at the KU facilities? How will parking be apportioned? Will people attending a KU event take up all the free spaces that should be available for patrons of the city’s center? How will parking be allocated if the city center is hosting a major event?"

Aren't those exactly the kind of problems that accompany success? I am excited for that day to come...

This project has been delayed long enough. Commissioners, please approve this project.

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Chamber still considering major, private capital campaign; eco devo leaders hoping to get an assist from Phil Mickelson

It might be time to take another look at the Chamber of Commerce. All things change over time and from what I have seen of the Chamber, the work they do is good and for the benefit of Lawrence, not themselves.

•This Chamber has a fierce and loud pride for our city and is out across our country telling our story
•This Chamber is more active than ever in the search for great job opportunities we will all benefit from
•This Chamber is independent of the state group and has policy based on the needs of our city.
•This Chamber brings candidates from all parties to our city to hear about our issues. Not Republican or Democrat. Not Liberal or Conservative but for all of us.
•This Chamber runs programs like Leadership Lawrence with members from all over our community helping us come together to solve our city’s issues.

This is great work and I think deserves recognition as being good for our city. Good for those who need jobs. Good for our future. Maybe it is time to our past behind us and find a way to work together? Maybe it is time to give this Chamber of Commerce another look.

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Letter: Commissioners give rec center update

The Rock Chalk Sports Park will be a benefit and asset to Lawrence for decades to come. We can no longer afford to be held hostage by paranoia or a lack of vision. Anyone really watching the details of this VERY complex deal can easily see all of the Commissioners, KU and the Developers have acted with integrity and transparency. Build it!!!

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City Commissioner Hugh Carter takes job with Lawrence Chamber of Commerce; announces he won't seek re-election in April

Sincere congratulations to Hugh Carter and to Greg Williams. To Mr. Carter for a well-deserved opportunity and to Mr. Williams for making a great hire.

I hate losing Mr. Carter from the City Commission because he is always such a well-reasoned and thoughtful contributor to Lawrence. I know however that your skills and passion for this great community will not go wasted at the Chamber. The direction Mr. Williams has set and the energy on the board created by very strong leadership paints a great future for our community. This is an exciting time be in Lawrence!!!

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Lawrence Chamber of Commerce engages private sector

Lawrence is lucky to have found Mr. Williams and will certainly benefit from his leadership in both the very tough and competitive jobs marketplace and, as important, in his demonstration of respectful dialogue.
We are up against a very tough marketplace and the competition for jobs is furious. Like it or not, the reality is we need a great story and a strong war chest if we want to compete and win jobs. While Lawrence has many wonderful attributes, we have not historically presented a winning case sufficient for business outside Lawrence to choose us as a place to call home. The Chambers renewed energy and that or the Board and Board Chair John Ross, are on the right track.
I agree there is a quiet majority in Lawrence willing to support these efforts. Let’s also agree not to be distracted by the vocal few who throw mud behind an anonymous blog posts. Most are serious and eager to engage in a dialogue about how they can help us arrive at good decisions for our community.
It is time for Lawrence to realize the world is changing around us and if we want to create jobs and shift tax basis off of residents, your work must be successful. I am behind you.
Gary Rexroad

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Rec center vote

This project and all its possibilities continue to receive overwhelming positive support at town halls and public forums. Sure there are concerns about costs but if you actually listen to our city experts, there is a very solid plan to assure success.

I am fiscally conservative and look very closely at spending to assure we are living within our means. That is a fundamental of responsible leadership. So too is a responsibility to seize opportunity when presented and that is precisely what the Rec Center represents, a unique and extremely rare opportunity for Lawrence and the whole area. The number of parties coming together to make this project happen is unprecedented and the resulting facility will have few equals in the country.

I for one believe in the rec center. I believe our Commissioners and City Leadership are watching the dollars very closely and I believe their plan is sound. I also believe the majority of Lawrence sees the positive and are excited to have yet another reason to proudly call Lawrence home.

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All in favor? New group making voice heard at City Hall


First of all, thank you for the dialogue. While we may see things differently you make very good points which are important and should be heard as decisions are made in Lawrence.

You have some very interesting and positive ideas for attractions to draw people to Lawrence and I hope those ideas develop. As they do develop, and people begin taking personal risks to see them through, I hope they are supported and cheered on by our community. Business growth helps create jobs and helps shift tax basis off of residential. That is the ideal behind CadreLawrence…

Thanks for this dialogue Pizzapete

Gary Rexroad - – 785.226.2908

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