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Police cite 27 motorists in Monday night seat-belt enforcement

It just gives the police a better chance to pull u over, now that they have probable cause. how many of those accidents without a seatbelt on were while scooting around town doing 20-30-40 mph. But I completely agree with wearing one on the highway. where u doing 50 plus and your reaction time is not as quick. but in town give me a break, profiling, an excuse to check u out, all it is.

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A sour ending: KU collapses late in 87-85 overtime loss to Michigan

I would like to say goodbye to the 4 seniors that are leaving....

jeff (block daddy) withey
travis (mr. consistency) releford
kevin (energy) young
elijah (jeckyl and hyde) johnson

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Proposed recycling service leaves future of private curbside recycling companies uncertain

Hold on a second, weve been getting scammed by the cities sanitation department for decades, in this town. I don't know how much an hour a trash truck employee makes but I will guess estimate, 15 an hour for example purposes.

currently going on for years
avg. sanitation employee works 5-7 hrs a day but gets paid for 8hrs everyday regardless..
so you can pretty much guarantee, every week thats 5-15 hrs that employee is overpaid, thats 75.00 to 225.00 per week, 300.00 to 900.00 dollars per month. and now the city is wanting to charge residents an extra 3.00 bucks a month for recycling..
no wonder its called the waste department..

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The sequel: Freezing rain, snow expected to hit Lawrence Monday

dear lawrence4life
I am not asking for comments of how to time manage my day better, I am simply saying angle the plow to push snow away from vehicles not straight on where snow is left on both sides of the path u left..

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The sequel: Freezing rain, snow expected to hit Lawrence Monday

dear skinny
some in town don't have the option of not parking in the u really think everyone can just park off the street when they want.. think before u speak..

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The sequel: Freezing rain, snow expected to hit Lawrence Monday

To the Snow Plow crew in lawrence... I hope u might consider at least a 1 day training course for plowing snow on a street. Is it possible to push the snow a little further to the curb, maybe make the paths a little wider, and finally if there is cars parked on only one side of the street can u plow the snow away from the vehicles not toward them, the mound of ice should be larger on the curb side than it is next to the vehicles. pisses me off that u left my street and disabled 10-15 cars in the process. it took me a half hour of digging at eleven o clock at night to get out, and I was late.. Now I know your trying to make driving conditions better, but this is kind of pointless if I cannot drive my car...

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Does Lawrence really have a shortage of gyms?

Have a great idea for 100 basketball courts.. for cheap. have the city pick out 100 of the safest and most logical culdesac's in lawrence and install a 200-300 basketball goal.
there is plenty of fields around town to play soccer and baseball.

Project time 2 wks
cost 500 dollars per goal installed = 50,000 dollars

no crazy taxes for lawrence residents
minimal upkeep
did'nt line a few fat cats pockets like this project will, and is probably the driving force of the whole project, how many kids u see outside now a days anyway, usually sitting on the couch and playing video games or on a computer.

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Lawrence couple build an eco-friendly, round home

eco-friendly, thats funny.... they tore down a lot of woods.. to build a 4,200 sq. ft house, just for 2 people to live.. (eco-friendly) go to the corner of the house and think about that one..

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