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Do you mean like the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act in California?

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GOP candidates energized by supporter turnout at Lawrence rally

The truth sounds like.

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Abso-freakin-lutely! Right on!!!! Finally some truth and logic comes out!

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Yea, like I said, improve and perfect. They need to fix these things. That does not justify throwing it out completely and calling the Obama administration and supporters of Health Care Reform the ant-Christ. Bottom line is that I read an article yesterday about a young child receiving affordable medical care because now the pre-existing condition is covered. That child will live to have a chance at a better life now. That's far from being the anti-Christ or Hitler if you ask me. So it's working, it's not perfect, it has flaws, but the momentum must keep going. I think it is good to point out the current legislation flaws. But let's not focus on repeal, focus on improving the current legislation. The process has started, now we need to work out details, and finish strong. Improving health care for business's and people by taking control out of the hands of Insurance Companies is the ultimate goal. Check this out....

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GOP candidates energized by supporter turnout at Lawrence rally

So Brownback will not debate in Douglas County, but he shows up when it's convenient for him. Interesting. Read this maybe...

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GOP candidates energized by supporter turnout at Lawrence rally

Can you back that claim? Sounds a bit pretentious more than a valid point. How is hope and change bad public policy? You do realize that your being fooled into believing these concepts, right? If not, than I am saddened to know the platform for anti-Obama makes you a believer. One last question. A believer in what exactly? Sorry I am becoming redundant these days when attempting to find substance in these claims....

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Right on!!!

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She also mentioned how the current system is unsustainable. Also that pre-existing conditions will not be denied, nor will people feel job-locked because of health care coverage. The idea is to reform the system and create a better one. When you take that quote out of context it looks good to serve your misguided purpose. Her intention was to inform people of more to be unveiled and see it in action when it's passed. Then the people can know more about the details and process so that the work can begin. I would probably say that with such a massive reform it will offer times of pain for many, and others great joy to see their child with a pre existing condition cared for. It is intended to make health care accessible for more Americans and improve the system into, as said by Pelosi "preventative care that does not cost through deductibles out of pocket".

I agree 100% that it is not perfect legislation. The concept of all Americans being required to have health care is probably not going to happen. It seems to be this legislation is a dog fight with insurance companies. Perhaps the bill should have been directed as Health Insurance Reform. But ya know it's stirring up discussion and were moving in a direction to improve the health care system.

Now that reform is happening Insurance Companies are frantically looking for ways to maintain their existing financial structure so that they continue to perform the only way they know how. Thus, they are passing on higher cost to companies and thus individuals. That is unfortunate considering the backers of this legislation claimed it would reduce costs, create accessibility, expand access, and so on. The change will not come easily or overnight, like I said, it's massive legislation. All paths to greatness get bumpy, and become challenged by outside elements. The issue is money and sadly the dollar is a cost of living we need to afford when paying for health care. Give this time, don't repeal, work together to improve and perfect. Not giving a chance to fully blossom could result in more trouble down the road. Heck, we can always go back to the way it is, but honestly, that's not for me.

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Oh no you didnt! Maybe they have better vision and would like to help others see better!

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