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Postal 'amenities'

Well, as of May 2008 everyone will be required to have a passport in order to fly state to state or visit a federal park, etc. So, maybe a passport office isn't such a bad idea. I'm sad to see the post office go.

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Cycling safety

Soon, when people finally realize that their precious 55 MPH vehicles are ruining the environment and causing even more disasterous weather (there were two tornadoes in ARIZONA this month), we will see more people appreciating cyclists. As for me, well, I pay taxes too and I will ride my bike on any public street I want.

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Moore credibility

Wow...quick everyone grab your crack pipes because apparently to have an opinion you need to be "beautiful" or "physically attractive" like Paris Hilton.

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Birthday wish

It's simple. If you don't like something someone else is doing in their own life, mind your own business. Keep your birthday and your bible away from my uterus. If I saw you picketing on the sidewalk in front of a clinic I would laugh in your crusty face.

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Offering hope

I work in the research department in radiation oncology, and have seen how devastating this form of brain tumor can be. I was happy to read this inspiring story. I hope her son is allowed to be here, instead of overseas, while his mother is fighting this. Maybe the community can pull together somehow and offer support to this family. Even something like assisting with their school matters would likely be beneficial to them right now, or assisting Susan's husband in some way with her care. If I still lived in Lawrence I would be glad to do something like that, and if there is something I can do to help from far far away I would be glad to do that as well.

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Smaller not better

Ragingbear, if it had nothing to do with the letter why did you post it here in the first place? My guess is you were looking for a reaction. Congrats!!!! Now go give yourself a cookie with a nice big glass of MILK, and sit down because the LJW has a top story of a kid pouring water on some dude's head.

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Smaller not better

Ragingbear, I think you were trippin' cuz that woman was actually Sally Field, and it was just a commercial.

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Who is a famous person you look up to?

I can only hope Sunflower_Sue's daughter will have even a minor influence on a few of her peers, or at least, I hope they will not pressure her to deviate from her wise ways.

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Who is a famous person you look up to?

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

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Who is a famous person you look up to?

Was ready to pray to the porcelin god, but then I saw Sunflower_Sue's comment. Thankfully, there is still hope.

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