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Man injured during fight in downtown alley

"Ah heck BlueHarley,just doin' what I thought you would do.Gotta back up your brother's play right?"

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Native Americans to march through Lawrence today

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Do you think Kansans should have a constitutional right to hunt and fish?

Absolutely,and the homeless should have the constitutional right to camp!

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Haskell president reflects on first year

The drunken KU students behaviors are a combination of hilarious and a touch of tragedy.Regardless of how you look at them they are a huge embarassment.Peeing in the bushes and walls to wetting themselves and throwing their dignity to the wind.Pathetic.

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Bill regulating adult businesses may be shelved

This is a complex issue,"...
No it isn't.It's boobs.
It's women working their tales off to make ends meet.It's women using their God given assets to make a living and live in a manner in which they are entitiled.
It gives men a chance to view boobs who otherwise would not have the oppurtunity.Or would otherwise be involved in some illicit acitivities.So said boobs are actually curbing crime,if you want to use such vague language and references as Phillip Cosby.
The real issue is women acting independently,making an honest living and some men don't like it.Where to the women lawmakers stand on this "issue"?They don't because it is a non-issue that they will not dignify.ChristiExtremist trying to impose their right wing,facist views on the public.

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Firefighters acclaimed; fire trucks bemoaned

I remember when they bought the ladder truck brand new.They set it up to its full, entensive length in the parking lot at Perkin's on 23rd.
Some poor fireman had to climb to the very top and wave to the kiddies every 20 minutes.Hot day too.

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Interactive Rolling Stones Song Title Game


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