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Questions abound about Obama's KU visit

I vote no for the visit. Let's just save the taxpayers of the city, county, state and the federal government, the money required for an unwanted visit. Really?!?!? Let's try to look at the big picture (governing or should I say NOT governing the United States).

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Losing the meth war

Pseudoephedrine needs to deemed a scheduled drug in the State of Kansas. Simple-> obtained by prescription only.

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Kansas Senate leader rejects bill to allow guns on college campuses

I'm sure the gun carrying criminal are very happy.

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Concealed carry on campuses approved by committee

Huh? Really? Your afraid of people legally carrying a concealed weapon on campus. What about those already packing guns illegally? The criminals. I hate to tell you this, but these people are already there. Where was your hesitancy before the conceal carry issue.

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Concealed carry on campuses approved by committee

Just the facts. I'll let you be the one to explain to the victims of a violent crimes that the thought of defending or arming themselves would be an act of "paranoia and hysteria". Your words not mine. I respect your views. A lot of times ignorance is bliss. I see beauty in life and people around me all the time, but there is that small percentage of the population with no regard for others. I will not allow myself or my family to be victims of a violent crime. I am not paranoid, just cautious and always aware of my surroundings.

By the way, there are only 5 poisonous snakes native to Kansas. They are the Copperhead, Cottonmouth, Massasauga, Timber Rattler, and the Prairie Rattler. Last know death by a venous snake in Kansas was 1890, so I do agree carrying ACP or CroFab would fall under the realm of paranoia and hysteria.

My father was a boilermaker and he would disagree that wearing a hard hat on a job site could be construed as paranoia and hysteria. OSHA would disagree as well.

I wish you well. I agree to disagree. Nothing wrong with that. Be safe, be careful and always aware of your surroundings.

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Concealed carry on campuses approved by committee

Wake up. I've seen many drug deals go down in parking lots of many local businesses. To believe crime does not exists in Lawrence would be laughable, if the subject matter was not so grave.

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Concealed carry on campuses approved by committee

I am amazed at the misconceptions people have concerning conceal carry laws and those who carry. First, one has to be 21 years of age to even be permitted to obtain a conceal carry permit. So, the majority of student are NOT even able to obtain a conceal carry permit. For those wanting a conceal carry permit they must 1st: Pass an 8 hours training session. The majority of the class consists of vigilant adherence to gun safety and the strict laws one must abide by if given the right to carry. Then one must pass a firing range test to demonstrate ones competency when handling a weapon. 2nd: The individual is required to be finger printed at the local sheriff's office. These prints are submitted to the Attorney General's Office and a thorough background check is conducted. After approximately 6 to 8 weeks, if all criteria are met only then is a permit issued. The people one should fear is not the law abiding citizen that has legally obtained the permit. Those to be feared are the thugs and criminal who pack a gun illegally. Their guns are either stolen or obtained on the black market with serial numbers erased on the weapon. They have no sense of decency and no regard for another's life. Worst of all, these individuals are everywhere. It is a sad reality of current life. They are downtown, in our parks, in parking lots of major businesses and YES probably on campus. Those who choose to conceal carry hope they NEVER have to draw their weapon in self defense. People need to understand who the real enemy is……...

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Worthy tax

Vote No!

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Public bus system a valuable service

Vote NO!

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Transit sales tax questions tied up with T's future

Vote No!!!!!!

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