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Letter: Hurricane Koch?

Robert Koch is considered the founder of modern bacteriology. He even identified the tuberculosis bacterium in 1882 which would eventually lead to the treatment. Environmentally speaking, I guess he to should be added to the "Hurricane" since discarded drugs are effecting our drinking water or perhaps the author is including him.

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VP debate feisty, unlike Obama-Romney

I agree.

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TV chief defends the role of PBS

A half billion a year is just toenail weight. Maybe! But, you just demonstrated a fundamental problem with this country.

In ten years, the US could put 5 billion towards our dept just from cutting one small program. Add ten more similar programs and we're at 50 billion. Add ten more years without those programs and we're at a half trillion.

There are definitely bigger fish out there, but the small ones count too.

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TV chief defends the role of PBS

"Fox news is so skewed to the right edge of the niverse that I cannot stand to hear all their foaming and frothing". You can't stand Fox because you can't stand conservatives.

You add CNN to your list because they offer some conservative thought.

But you love PBS and claim they are fair and balanced. This only strengthens OonlyBonly’s point.

The reason you adore PBS is because they have a liberal spin and it's what you agree with.

It’s probably also fair to say that you are not disgusted with MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and NBC. The reason is you agree with their view, which is to the left.

My brother is just like you… hate’s Fox and thinks he’s neither left nor right. But, if you hate either Fox or MSNBC, you’re not really in the middle. You lean one way or the other... pretty simple. And you obviously lean to the left so those are the programs you favor.

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Did you watch the debate Wednesday night and, if so, do you think there was a winner?

I think it's fair to say "you are not a conservative"...... Be sure you get to the voting booth on Wednesday, November 7th. It's gonna be a big day and you don't want to miss it.

Bring a sharpie and yer voter id so you can cast that vote.

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In the battle over Big Bird, Schlingensiepen defends PBS; Jenkins says taxes shouldn't be supporting it

I recently watched a Sesame St. episode with my kids. The glaring highlights of the show.... everybody won, nobody loses, and cookie monster was deprived of cookies.

$450 million government dollars to aid the new eutopia.

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Group at Dole applies dials to Romney, Obama during debate

Serious! That's what you got from his speech? Come on.

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Group at Dole applies dials to Romney, Obama during debate

Dodd and Frank and the congress were the real players in the 4th quarter prior to the housing crash. Bush's problem was he just set there on the sidelines watching. So yeah, you can blame him. But you can also blame congress.

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Democrats say Brownback tax cuts will result in $900 million in cuts to public schools, higher education

Schools used to be funded by property taxes. At least then school districts knew their limits.

I don't like to pay more, but if that's what it takes, what's wrong with going back to property taxes?

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Column: Nation hesitant to give up on Obama

"The Democrats and Media have correctly determined that their only hope is to avoid the details and attack Romney. Attack, attack, attack until they can confuse people enough to vote for their guy."

There... I fixed that for ya!

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