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Could Mountain West merger save Big 12?

Arkansas leave the SEC? You're kidding right? If you know of a good reason they would want to leave, please do tell.

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Could Mountain West merger save Big 12?

Well stated. It is the best possible situation for the remaining 5 of the XII. Too many individuals think there are conferences just begging these schools to join on with them. It's not happening. A merger is the best that possible situation. It should be embraced.

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Are you in favor of KU switching the Jayhawks' home football game against Kansas State from a Saturday to a Thursday?

From a recruiting stand point, Thursday night games are great. The KU-KSU game is not going to get that type of national exposure on Saturdays with everybody else playing. I would also think it would boost Thursday night sales for local restaurants. However for the fans, I can see it not being the ideal situation.

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LiDAR image of the historic Woodland Park. The image reveals the location of the park's horse racing

OldEnuf- The diagnol line running next to the track is the railroad track. The main line running west and east is E. 11th St. You can faintly see the city compost site just north of the track. I hope this helps. I'm fairly new to Lawrence, so I don't know too many landmarks.

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Tree donation benefits district, parents, students

What a great donation for both schools. I'm sure they will be enjoyed by many for years to come.

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Resident hopes to start rickshaw business in downtown Lawrence, pending city approval

This will be great for the elderly or individuals that have health issues and are not able to walk long distances.

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