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Statehouse Live: Eudora woman says she will run for state insurance commissioner

Absolutely amazing to see so many uninformed people believe that people still have no access to health care insurance. It is a free market industry and if you can't afford to buy your own, there is a multi-layered safety net system.

"Insurance agent who plans to run for Insurance Commissioner?" Gosh, maybe having a veterinarian as Livestock Commissioner, or an MD as Secretary of Dept of Health is a conflict of interest?! And shudder to think we would have anyone from the Banking business as the State Bank Commissioner!


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Statehouse Live: Eudora woman says she will run for state insurance commissioner

Perhaps a better candidate would be someone who knows nothing of the insurance business.

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Minding the Middle

In case you haven't noticed, the government is broke and unless a tourniquet is applied to a bleeding budget, our financial system is going to succumb. Our economy is a shambles due to many failed government policies, and "many people" have already been "negatively affected". You've seen what happened in Greece when austerity is applied. If you want to get to that level of negativity affecting more people, continue on. Personally, the short term negative for the long term positive is always preferable.

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Minding the Middle

Don't forget the DHS, DOE, USDA, IRS, DoEd, USPS, ICE, CBP, FBI, DOC, DOJ. So much clean up, so little time! SocSec? Only US citizens need apply.

But don't forget that Obamacare has already begun to gut elderly father has already lost some Medicare coverage due to diversion of funds. But don't you fret now; I'll make sure he doesn't have to eat Alpo!

Then there's the real estate tax written into Obamacare which penalizes mostly elderly folks who have lived in the same house for decades and such resale value "profit" shall be subject to 3.8% healthcare tax. Now who is looking out for Grandma there?!

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Minding the Middle

Compromise for the sake of compromise is the deadly game that has brought us to where we find ourselves precariously perched. Historically, compromise has always brought us "Leftward". (I will agree that women's right to vote was good, but abolition was a "religious right wing movement", civil rights began in the Church, and as I recall the Democrat controlled South was the major battleground of the latter, and the first Republican president signed the Emancipation)

But a pledge such as to "fundamentally transform America" is a compromise that mustn't be broached. America has some problems but the fundamentals are not among them. A turn away from those fundamentals has resulted in a "Balkanized" culture, which focus so heavily on "diversity" that little if any "unity" can be reached. Borders mean nothing, citizenship is cheap, fiscal and personal responsibility has become a fond memory, patriotism is viewed as "rightwing extremism" and American exceptionalism is now vulgar language.

No, we did not arrive here just since the current President took office. But what took the previous three presidents and the US Congress 20 years to weaken, this man and 2 years of Liberal dominated Congress have broken, hopefully not beyond repair.

But compromise on the part of those desiring to repair and rebuild is not an option. I'm sick of voting for "moderates" who are compromising my home and family into a black hole of debt and moral depravity.

The nature of Conservatives, just by definition, has been to elect a candidate and trust them to do what's right, believing that most people want the same thing. Freedom and peace. A conservative, historically, has been reserved, quite, and minding their own businesses and want to be left alone. They'd rather stay at home and tend to enjoy their work much more than being active in politics and the public scene. By necessity this has changed. No longer do I trust government to use the public trust in a wise and prudent manner. No longer will I hand my future and that of my grandchildren over to people who are willing to compromise, simply for the sake of compromise. Compromise with the devil and you still wind up in hell, although you may have an easier ride on the way. There is no virtue in this.

The activation of the conservative masses in this country is something that is long overdue. The Left and the "moderates" have become very comfortable in the halls of most of our major institutions, and the peasants are looking for "pitchforks and torches". The Oligarchy has been exposed and the conservative masses are rallying. This recent primary is a harbinger.

If an outspoken and politically active conservative public make you uncomfortable, I suggest you get used to it. Don't worry though, we won't eat your children with cabbage and rye, or kick your dogs. We do like clean water and safe food, and we're not going to starve your Grandma.

But we are not going away.

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Minding the Middle

It is apparent from just a couple of comments already posted that only the "right" has lost the ability to compromise. If one could read the post through a balanced lens, the point being made is "the middle has moved". Some only see the opposition as "non-compromising", when the full agenda of their ideologues has not been allowed to come to full and complete fruition.

The new Conservative movement in America has begun simply because the "middle has moved" to the point that Liberal Democrats in the 50's and 60's would be branded as "right wing nuts" by Modern Liberals. JFK's famous speech could easily be the policies of a modern Republican candidate.

The reason that Conservative media has been so successful recently is because a great and growing number of citizens are finding their own views echoed in that venue; it is not the other way around.

As far as "Oxymoron's" statement about "Socialism and Communism in the President's circle", this is indicative of an ideologue's rhetoric; if you don't have a valid argument, label the messenger as "extreme", in this case, a "McCarthyite". These are not baseless accusations but self admitted statements from those within the President's circle. Just to name a few, Van Jones, a self described Communist; Sheila Jackson Lee, self described Socialist; Nancy Pelosi and the President himself, Socialists by practice and admission (desire to redistribute income, nationalize key industries and segments of the economy).

I agree there are individuals on the "right" who depend on rhetoric and hyperbole of others to take a position. But to those on the "left" I ask, could it be possible that some of your cohorts are doing the same thing? How about some honest self examination and evaluation here from everyone? Is MSNBC, NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS your source of hyperbole? (I don't watch any of them) The Left has owned the networks for long enough now, that when one so called "conservative" network becomes successful, they are "dumbing down" the public. But of course, that is not a hyperbolic statement, simply because it aligns with your view. And of course, YOUR view is always the correct one...because that's what the "mainstream media" your Poli-Sci Professor says.

Polarity has not come to America because the "right" has found its voice and feet. Polarity has been brought to America because the "left" has had its way for far too long...America has awaken.

Who's rhetoric are you making your own?

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If today were Election Day, who would be your choice for Kansas governor, U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kansas) or state Sen. Tom Holland (D-Baldwin City)?

@gccs14r: Stating fact is not xenophobic. Mr. Obama exhibits philosophical parallels to Karl through his policies of redistribution of wealth, i.e. "Obamacare" and 'cap and trade'. (Recall "from each according to his ability to each according to his need".) Nationalizing industries is not exactly a capitalistic method either. He has surrounded himself with those who believe and practice Marx. He wrote of his mentors and philosophies which are Marxist. (Just thought I'd point that out)
My original point was, just as you exhibited, that anyone who opposes the view of Mr. Obama, yourself, and the other 20% nationwide who hold Progressive (Marxist) ideals must be vulgar imbeciles. Or were you insinuating (by xenophobic) that Obama is a foreigner? Your terminology, not mine...

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If today were Election Day, who would be your choice for Kansas governor, U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kansas) or state Sen. Tom Holland (D-Baldwin City)?

Indeed, Lawrence is a few square miles of real estate mostly inhabited by non resident progressive demagogues and their mentors in a state populated by hardworking farmers, ranchers, and business people who have been content to tend to their own businesses without a high amount of concern or participation in politics.
As we have seen in elections in other states already this year, the apathy of conservatism in America has been replaced by activism, thanks in large part to the historic election of a neo-Marxist President, and the loosing of the Progressive agenda in Washington.
Sam's timing couldn't be more perfect. There is no chance that Kansas will send a democrat to the US Senate this year, and aside from Mr. Obama (an historic figure indeed), who was the last US Senator to be elected POTUS? Thanks to Tom Kansas will get two for the price of one. Thanks Tom!

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