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Editorial: Bid interest

The bidding process of estimating the costs is flawed and has been for quite some time. The city hires a whole staff of engineers and architects to do this work. Historically the bids are always off base. It begs the questions of: Are the experts padding the bids to make the final bid look better are is it truly incompetence. It seems to be both. Regardless the citizens take it on the chin when we pay the taxes we owe or pay for the bonds.

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City Commission to consider giving Lawrence's city manager $10,000 raise

He is overpaid, but he does a great job of kissing the developers behinds so the commission feels good. That is how you get the raises.

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City Commission candidates disagree on how to serve homeless in downtown Lawrence

a simple cure to the homeless issues and numbers is a 20.00 bill and a ride to the county line------- follow the road and don.t look back. problem solved

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City commission candidates weigh in on strengths, weaknesses of City Hall

the candidates that have aligned them selves with the new pact are just saying what the public wants to hear in these town hall discussion. They are talking in simple and general terms with no real substance. The people who put this pact money together are trying to buy the city votes to put people in city hall that will line their pockets with cash. all the talk about what is good for the city simple correlates to money in the business contributors pockets. I see
Chicago big boss written all over this election. It is time the Lawrence voters stood up and took back this city government. a vote for the 3 pact money candidates is a step back to the dark ages of the good old boy system. I for one do not want political cronies running our fair city. I will not vote for Farmer, Riordan and Chestnut on April 2nd

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City Commission agenda for Feb. 19 meeting

It is on the agenda and will be approved, period. No vote by the community and ram rodded thru before the primary election happens Government at its best> right?

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Does Lawrence really have a shortage of gyms?

This whole issue is based on KU and Lawrence have to be co joined. The city commission is not listening to the public. Actually this in not uncommon. The commission and developers and money people in this town have set the pace and will not listen to anyone else. Sadly no vote will be approved and this will be built. Just remember what was done here, when in the future, it does not support itself and our taxes go up to pay the shortage.

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Brownback wants school finance case to go to mediation

When you cut taxes you have to give up something. So we cut school financing and the kids suffer. The lower middle class takes it on the chin again.Our future hangs in the balance. The quicker we get Sam and his legislative henchmen out of office the better off the state will be. Remember all the smoke and mirrors politics next election and for Kansas sake don't put the same people back in again.

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City Commission candidates split on idea of expanded rental licensing program

I will watch how every one of the candidates vote on the rental registration. A yes vote for the proposal on your part will be a no vote for me and as many of my friends that I can talk to before election day

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Should undocumented students who were brought to Kansas by their parents receive in-state tuition?

I agree with hitme. Illegal means they are not citizens of the U.S. or the state or the county. If they are here illegally they can"t vote or serve in a government position. Why should they get in- state tuition? Apply for citizenship like everyone before them that has immigrated to this country.

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KU football commitment Marcus Jenkins-Moore not going anywhere

Sounds like KU got another dimwit to add to the current flock.

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