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KU cancels Band Day parade because of early football game kickoff

I think the parade was cancelled last year but maybe it was the year before. I expect that Band Day is about to disappear altogether because TV controls sports these days. Band days used to be much later in the year after kids had time to practice together and it was not so hot. Now it is so early most bands haven't even practiced but a few weeks - and kids collapse from the heat every year.

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Kassebaum: Davis will need moderate Republicans in campaign against Brownback

I can't see into the future, but I do know one thing. While the Republicans in the legislature were attending their ALEC meeting, Paul Davis was touring the state talking to people. History has not served Republican governors well. Unfortunately, the Koch brothers are now involved with their limitless amounts of money so we shall see if Kansans are smart enough to stop shooting themselves.

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Opinion: Registering should be easy

It is not as easy as you think to prove that you are an American citizen. My sister, who is 76, does not have a legal birth certificate. She was born an home in Kansas but doctor did not registerr her birth certificate within the required one year. Thus no proof of citizenship. She has a driver's license and a passport but that took six months to get as we had to find some proof that she was born here. That is not easy to do as records for that time are few and have to be located. We used a newspaper article to prove that she was born here but doubt that Kobach will allow for that.

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Retirement home residents sue Kobach over law requiring photo ID to vote

According to Wikipedia (which could be wrong but don't think so in his case),
National identity cards are issued by 24 European Union member states to their citizens. EU citizens holding a national identity card can not only use it as an identity document within their home country, but also as a travel document to exercise the right of free movement in the European Economic Area (European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway) and Switzerland.[citation needed] Some EU member states also issue national identity cards to residents who are non-EU citizens – these cards are only valid as an identity document within the issuing country and are not valid as a travel document for the rest of the EEA and Switzerland. Just wait for the screams from the right if we tried to do this but it would certainly eliminate all of your and everyone else's concerns.

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Retirement home residents sue Kobach over law requiring photo ID to vote

My sister has been drawing social security for ten years but when she tried to get a passport three years ago, she did not have a valid birth certificate. To get a passport she had to provide school records, a newspaper article showing her birth (funny that it worked for her but not President Obama), baptismal records. It took me several months to find the records she needed to prove she is a citizen even though she has lived in Kansas all of her life. It is not as easy as you all think to prove that you are a citizen. Luckily she has been voting for years and still drives so she does have drivers' license.

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Brownback signs 'Celebrate Freedom Week' bill

So less than a month into school, my granddaughter in kindergarten has to stop learning how to read and write so that she can be taught about the constitution. I can hardly wait to hear her interpretation of this lesson. Hopefully, she will learn that all men (and women) are created equal. I wonder if they will teach her about how black people were counted as 3/5 of a person. She won't get it because she doesn't understand fractions or slavery.

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Budget provision would block state funding for Common Core standards

Teachers knew that NCLB was a flawed system. We called it NTLS for "no teacher left standing." NCLB violated everthing we learned in our testing and measurement classes. But we were never asked. We were told to do it and that is what we did knowing full well that all schools would eventually fail. Even with countless weeks spent teaching to the test, 100% of our students will never reach proficiency. The only value of NCLB was to get people talking and working together to come up with something better. The Common Core resulted from those talks.

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Budget provision would block state funding for Common Core standards

Wow. Where did you get this information? The Common Core came from a group of states getting together to make sure that all kids were being prepared for higher education. Nothing keeps schools from developing more rigorous requirements. The federal government had nothing to do with the Common Core and money from the feds is not being given or withheld because of this curriculum. It is time that education be made more consistent throughout the country as children move from district to district, state to state. Why don't you want our children to be on the same footing as kids in other states? Or do you just want our kids to be like those in Louisiana who are learning that humans and dinosaurs shared the planet at the same time. Luckily for Louisiana kids, a judge struck down their voucher program so the State won't be paying for kids to learn creationism in science class.

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State Board hears opposition to Common Core Standards

I agreed with you until you got to the part about local schools being controlled by teachers' unions. Local schools are controlled by local school boards which are elected and often run by people who have an axe to grind. Many have little education themselves. Teachers and teachers' unions have little input into what classes are taught or where the money is spent. The United States does not have one of the lowest performing public school systems in the industrialized world. In fact many countries have tried to copy our system. What we do is educate every child who comes through the door regardless of whether that child is homeless or comes to school without breakfast. We see children who have been beaten and sexually abused. Teachers are the ones on the front lines but they are the ones who get bashed every time someone wants to destroy public education. I have not studied the Common Core but my daughter who is a teacher likes them so I hope it will be what is needed. Unfortunately until children come to school ready to learn teachers will still be faced with daunting tasks. (Sorry there are no commas. That key is not working on my keyboard.)

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Revenue secretary says tax cuts are working

How can something be working when the new tax rates have not taken effect yet? Our tax rate was the same this year as last. Just wait until next April.

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