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Vehicle burglary ring busted in Leavenworth County

Our truck was broken into and alot of tools and stereo equipment stolen. The truck was
LOCKED as if that mattered. They just broke the door and latch which just cost us more money!
I wish they would let us victims deal with them!!! At 18 years old you are an adult, so punishment should be set as an adult!!! Two year olds know right from wrong so I say hang 'em all!!!

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Report: Perkins got $4.4M in 2009

Lew is a crooked SOB!! No one deserves that kind of salary. Let's just keep raising tuition for these students and keep paying Lew and the coaches these glorified salaries, pretty soon nobody will be able to afford to go to college. It's almost unaffordable now. This is just not right. Time to go LEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You even look crooked.......

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Self, who picked ’Cats, keeps busy in CBS studio

ku fans fighting among themselves, how sad

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KU's Self to be CBS guest analyst during NCAA Tournament

Bill Self said he wasn't going to watch any of the games..........Money talks, right Bill???????

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It’s time to back the ’Cats

To Uhjh: I'm heckled by KU fans everytime I go to a KSU/KU sporting event. KU has their fair of idiot fans too so please don't act like it is one sided. I remember when Darren Sproles lost his mother to cancer and KU fans were heckling his family, they actually made a point to walk over to where they were sitting at the KU stadium! That was more then poor sportsmanship, that was just plain mean and cruel!! So please don't think KSU fans are the only ones. There is poor sportsmanship in every college and every sports team around and
that includes KU!!!!!!!!! With that said I hope KSU goes all the way!!!!!

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KU police connect crimes to sports brawl

Mario and Sherron, still making headlines!!! Grow up boys! Some people never learn. Loosers!!!!!!!!!

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Apologies issued

You would think since Sherron just got out of trouble last spring he would be keeping a low profile. But no, he's right in the middle of trouble again. Doesn't seem like he learned anything. Bill Self should have punished him and maybe he would have learned something. He knows he can do whatever and not be punished just like the rest of the athletes. Why should Cole have to apologize when he wasn't even there? Make the thug idiots who were fighting over the trashy jersey chaser apologize.

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KU sports teams’ apparent feud spurs 2nd brawl

Shes a tramp, always has been and is even a bigger one now that she's at college. Heard she's on school probation. Maybe she should stay home and study instead of chasing the black athletes.

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Mangino: As of now, no players will serve suspensions

No surprise that Mangino isn't doing any punishment. Both coaches let these athletes get by with whatever they want to do. KU needs to clean house with these coaches and hire some with some "Balls" that will do whats right! I as a KU fan am sick of the whole thing! And Lew Perkins, what the hell does he do to earn his mega bucks?LOOSERS!!!!!!!!!! Go ahead KU, keep raising tuition to support these thug athletes!!!!!!!!

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KU coach Self disappointed with feud

Self won't do anything. So he's disappointed. Big Deal! If he would have stepped up years ago and made his players accountable for their actions some of this crap would have stopped. But these players know nothing will ever happen to them. It never does. Free college and they don't care. What about the average kid working and repaying student loans for the next 20 years Self? Do you care about that?? Punish the thugs and quit recruiting new ones like them. You can't babysit them all the time. These are young men, not children.

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