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Jayhawks big fans of women’s team, too

Withey could certainly block Angel. Unfortunately, Angel could probably block Withey too

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Tiger coach laments War’s end

I tell my Missouri acquaintances the same thing I tell my K-State friends, "You have a nice university, but you're not KU, you never will be."

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Two Lawrence police officers suspended for role in fixing traffic tickets in exchange for KU basketball tickets

Officer pulled me over last fall, but agreed to let me off with a warning if I'd take his two football tickets.

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KU women lose at Iowa State, 66-47

Pure and simple, Bonnie needs to go. How many years now? Her teams are fundamentally unsound--don't move on defense, don't screen out on the boards, don't make good screen and know how to come off the screens offensively. She just doesn't have what it takes to be sucessful in this league, and certainly doesn''t warrant her salary. Trust me, this is her last year. And it should be.

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Heard on the Hill: Love is in the air for really old insects, too; Obama's budget reflects increases in many higher ed programs; those against the "woo" in Rock Chalk Chant appear to be gaining ground

My sister-in-law visited a KU game for the first time last year. Her first experience in the Phog. She called the Rock Chalk chant the most eerily haunting thing she had ever heard, actually thought they "were going to sacrifice a virgin." She had to have a Beware of the Phog t-shirt to wear back to San Diego. Not quite as scary when a bunch of people top it off with "Wooooooo". Good work, ditch it"

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A clean sweep: Tyshawn Taylor talks it up after KU victory

As they say, "Kansas State, where men are men.....and sheep are nervous."

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Jeff Withey bears down

gocawo is right, Taylor has skills Aaron and Sherron didn't have. His "length" and defensive skills are far superior. KU will go as far this year as Taylor can take them. Aaron couldn't shoot the ball and Collins had tremendous shortcomings on the defensive end.

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It’s high noon, not morning

seems like the President picked the arena, the Governor picked the weapons. Pitts often makes goodpoints, this wasn't one of them. Mid article he depicts the republicans with their ongoing racism, yet feels necessary to play the race card himself in his opening thoughts. The Pres being a "scary black man" has little to do, actually nothing, with the issue.

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Charlie Weis goes far, wide to fill first KU recruiting class

For the late start, and with changing coachs, seems Weis landed a crew that can make an immediate impact and solidify the base. The proof of the pudding will be next year's recruiting class, when he and recruiters have a full year to sell the new KU program. But they've displayed a strong desire to move us in the right direction.

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Taken by storm: Cyclone fans swamp floor to celebrate win over KU

Just curious if any of those KU haters posted BEFORE the game how they were going to handle us? Might want to revisit that "man up" thing. ISU deserves a lot of credit for winning the game, their first in last nine tries. They played well and as displayed with their intenseness at Allen, are a strong team. And I agree, Goodsport may want to rethink his handle.

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