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4 guilty counts in HIV case

I am not clear about how many women actually contracted the disease from this man. However, OF COURSE the act of exposing someone to HIV is criminally punishable, even if the victim didn't contract the disease. Similarly, there are many actions which involve attempt that are also crimes. Do you think that attempted murder should be criminally punishable? Attempted rape? ETC.

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Library plans unveiled

First of all, I don't think it is very kind for the people posting on this site to direct sarcastic, caustic comments at the library director. He doesn't have to engage in this conversation. I personally have found his comments to be much more illuminating than any others today.

I agree that the cost seems really high. However, I will say that the experiences that my 2 1/2 year old daughter has had at the library have been really formative. We have been using the library and enjoying their programming several times per week since she was probably 8 months old. I am so grateful for the library! At the same time, I think it would be phenomenal to enhance the library where it is and to make it appealing to a wider range of people.

A lot of people are complaining that a new library downtown would just make Lawrence more like a big city. I actually think that a bigger, better library downtown would increase the great sense of community that Lawrence already has! Well, of course that means you have to detach yourself from the lure of the computer screen and actually go downtown.

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Shelter leaders support plan

I appreciate all of the idealistic concern for the homeless population. However, I also have a concern for the hardworking middle or lower middle class people who have taken their money and PURCHASED a brand new home within a close proximity to this proposed shelter site. Frankly, it is not fair that they should shell out their money for a nice home and have their resale potential go down the drain because of this homeless shelter. These are individuals who bought houses in East Lawrence in an attempt to keep this side of town vital instead of sprawling out west - and this is the thanks they get from the community.

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Activist blasts KU women's studies program

yourworstnightmare - best post so far re: business school. that is the most appropriate analysis of this issue yet.

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Police arrest shooting suspect

Porkribs, I love your response to my statements. "The stereotypes are accurate." Supporting information....I didn't think so. So, you can call me cliche and call me a liar or whatever you are trying to do, and yet you still cannot convince me that you have a legitimate basis for your views. It is "just because." How very authoritative of you. In my world your statements are simply inaccurate - believe it or don't. You can believe whatever makes you feel most comfortable about spouting your bigoted rhetoric.

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Police arrest shooting suspect

Porkribs, you did represent people as "them." Don't try to get away with that! "If I know his name is Rashawn.....that probably tells me he's black.
Are you going to say that based on common sense alone and knowing how 'creative' they are in naming their children.... that I would be wrong?" Again, explain, please. I find it incredible that you have the audacity to say that the name that a mother gave to her son says anything about his criminal tendencies or lack thereof. It is inevitable that people will have stereotypes. However, it is our obligation as HUMAN BEINGS to try to move beyond those stereotypes and recognize that they do not hold true in many, many, many cases. Come on, this is fourth grade stuff. You know, I went to elementary school in Topeka at Lowman Hill. Most of my friends had names like Keisha, Larisha and Alisha. My friends came from loving families and today many of them are successful, productive members of society. Why can't you handle that?

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Police arrest shooting suspect

Porkribs, I appreciate your willingness to be forthright about your stereotypes. Others try to hide behind the facade of "sarcasm." Why don't we just be even more straight forward. What do you mean by "this segment," "them," and "their children"?

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Police arrest shooting suspect

Porkribs - What an ignorant statement. Too bad for you.

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Breast-feeding rights bill sent to governor

A society that protects a woman's right to feed her baby in public is not hoping for third world status. Those of you who are criticizing this legislation have obviously never been a breastfeeding mother of an infant. If you are men (which I assume you are), then you probably had very little to do with your child's nutrition and don't know anything about this topic, so why don't you post your ever so illuminating comments elsewhere.

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High school lunch trips raise concern

Bankboy, you are off your rocker. Why do you feel the need to call people nazilibs, etc.? You must have an absolutely huge inferiority complex.

Now, back to the subject at hand. I think a lot of people posting today are misinterpreting the DA's statements. Everyone is saying that he needs to stick with dealing w/ criminals. That is precisely what he is trying to do. Truancy is criminal activity. Furthermore, truants frequently leave school and perpetrate crimes. I don't see any reason why he shouldn't be speaking out on this issue.

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