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Evolution, religion comments put heat on department spokesman

I read Dawkins book mate. The guy is a nutter 4 sure. A little kid could c through his pretend science. Like did u read his crazy evolution program. Is that guy missing something or is he the latest missing link - like still at the monkey (chimp 4 the pedantic guys) end of the imaginary progression. Ahhhh well I used to believe that evolution bulldust more than all my peers once. I was a real chump. (thats a pun 4 u pedantic ones) U know something........ even when I was an ardent evolutionist I could never get my head around most of it when I tried to think about it in depth.
Believing the evolution lie nearly cost me eternity in agony and regret. I must admit I was happy believing that stuff though - cos I was able to get rid of God from my thoughts and that way I could live as I pleased. Of course when I found out that evolution was bulldust I still didn't know who the God was. (The creator - not the evolver .............durrr... how ridiculous evolution seems now).
Yes it did turn out to be the christian god - not because of some emotional crap but because of evidence and reason. You know something.............. even knowing that evolution was bulldust and that the bible (66 book one) bore god's watermark (numerical seal) in every part didn't make me a christian. It just gave me a faith that I'd be going to hell forever if I didn't go to Jesus and get forgiven and become his. I tell you ........ getting faith was the hardest bit - I just didn't know how I could have faith and yet you had to have faith to get right with God according to what he said. Obviously one day I took him at his word. I finally believed him which, trust me, has been really cool, even in the middle of troubles. Like, having faith in something unreasonable like evolution is madness when your eternity is hanging in the balance. Having faith in Jesus to forgive and forget and give u a gr8 life here and forever is highly reasonable given all we know about this stuff.
I wouldn't be wanting to be anything but a follower of Jesus when it comes to the end of my life. Just read the dying words of people like Voltaire or Thomas Paine or heaps of people who hated or were indifferent to Jesus. U get a gr8 perspective when u view life from the border of this life and eternity.

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