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If a restaurant gets a low score for its health inspection, do you still eat there?

As part of her training my wife spent several months assisting a county inspector with restaurant inspections. As a result there are a number of places where we to not eat. Other than that I don't pay much attention to the actual scores.

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Have you been affected by the drought?

I was affected last month by a $660 water bill.

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Court: Kansas Legislature's level of funding for schools unconstitutional

From the headline: "$442 million in base state aid per pupil". Well, that ought to be enough...

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Concealed carry permit applications surge in weeks since Sandy Hook shooting

So a .223 rifle should only be carried by soldiers? What about all of the weapons out there that use a more powerful (more "devastating") round than the .223? A .223 isn't really powerful enough to be a good hunting rifle if you're going for anything larger than small game.

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Would you want to know if a violent criminal or sex offender lived in your neighborhood?

In the past, I couldn't have cared less. Now that I have a 6yo running around in our yard, I definitely care. Since he came onto the scene, I've checked the S.O. registry for our subdivision (as well as police and court records) and generally know which houses to avoid.

I do agree that the S.O. registry needs to be revamped somehow, though. Placing someone caught urinating in public in the same category as a serial child molester makes no sense.

And knowing where they live doesn't always help. The guy that the cops picked up last month who was repeatedly seen masturbating at the entrance to our subdivision (in the middle of a weekday, right alongside a busy street) didn't live anywhere near where he was caught.

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Would you want to know if a violent criminal or sex offender lived in your neighborhood?

"caught, charged,convicted and sentenced" So does all that somehow render them harmless and we no longer need to worry about them?

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Letter: That’s enough

On an even more basic level, it is illegal to murder someone. Being convicted of murder brings severe penalties. But that fact doesn't appear to be stopping thousands of individuals from committing murder every year. I don't see how laws restricting gun sales are going to make any difference. If someone is of the mind to actually commit a murder, are they going care at all whether they have to resort to illegal means to obtain a weapon? No.

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Letter: That’s enough

Never considered this until now, but isn't it odd that generally the same group of people that wants to legalize pot also wants to criminalize gun ownership?

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Letter: That’s enough

In a competition where you're required to fire 30 (or more) rounds in rapid succession, a 30-round magazine is appropriate.

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Letter: Gun access

"the .223 isn't really high powered" I've been thinking the same thing while reading all of these "high caliber" and "high powered" comments. The AR15 is just not that powerful. The bullet is basically the same diameter as a .22. Granted, it has more gunpowder behind that bullet, but the kick is nowhere near that of any shotgun I've fired, or a .243, or a 30-30, or a 30-06, etc.

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