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New Lawrence police sergeant encouraging officers to engage with public in more proactive, positive way

one time sgt. hadl and about five other officers surrounded my house on a friday at about midnight to give me some tickets! they were banging on the door and shining flash lights in the window. it woke my kids up and they were suprised why i was so angry and cussing at them. dont give tickets at midnight LPD idiots!

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Climate change could have dangerous spider crawling northward

I worked on a house just west of 59 highway in pleasant groove hill area that was infested with black widows. There were at least 10 that I could see around the front door. I wonder if that house every sold?

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Kansas legislator suggests using hunters in helicopters to control illegal immigration, likens immigrants to feral hogs

I am one of about 10 white roofers in lawrence, you taxpayers are the ones helping the illegals, do you not notice the 12 mexicans redoing your roof? go up to them and see if any of them speak english, they don't! Or better yet ask the roofing company the names of the workers that will be working on your house. If the roofing contractor can tell you all of the names of the guys working on your house I will pay for your roof.

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Town Talk: Gregg Tire sells out on Sixth Street; closing Vermont Street for Farmers' Market mentioned; maybe Lawrence's retail numbers better than thought

K's tires is the best place for tires in lawrence, and border bandito has a list of places that they have outlasted!

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State pharmacy board makes 4 synthetic substances illegal

So they charge him with multiple felonies for something that isn't illegal and then make the substances illegal so his charges stick?

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First-degree murder trial for death of Lawrence hip-hop artist Anthony 'Clacc' Vital to open today

Why did it take two years to charge him if they have dna? Jones was in the federal prison in leavenworth for 18 month prior to being charged. Just because some one gets arrested for drugs doesn't mean they are a murderer. You know why people sell drugs? BECAUSE OTHER PEOPLE WANT TO BUY DRUGS!! Who are you to say what people want to put in there body. If they made morel mushrooms illegal do you think people would stop looking for them. And for all of you idiots isn't it innocent until proven guilty? Just because he was charged doesn't mean he did it, the ones that already made deals are probably the guilty ones. Innocent people don't take deals!!!

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First-degree murder trial for death of Lawrence hip-hop artist Anthony 'Clacc' Vital to open today

I was in jail with Jones, They took 2 yrs to charge him because they don't know who did it. These other guys just through his name out there so they could get a deal. They will be known as snitches and liars for the rest of there lives and will get the proper snitch beating when they get back to prison.

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No Faking: Lawrence police cracking down on bogus IDs

Would you rather these kids (18-20) go out and buy guns or try to get in a bar and have fun with their friends? I think if they can buy guns they should be able to buy beer!

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Unwinnable war

We are in Iraq for oil, and we are in Afghanistan for heroin. The CIA is one of the biggest and most powerful drug dealers in the world.

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Arizona-style illegal immigration law to be pursued in Kansas

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