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Kansas delays decision in abortion referrals case

Personally, I agree with the current law stat that each patient face "substantial and irreversible" harm to her health if her pregnancy continued. Therefore, the fact that Dr. Neuhaus participated in inadequate examinations of girl looking for a late-term abortion irks me a little. I still feel like she deserves a fair trial because the girls that she was examining were asking for an abortion and she was only to refer them to another doctor that was to actually perform the abortion. She truely believes that she gave them a well done examination.

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Kansas officials await ruling on Arizona immigration law

I think this law has good and bad sides to it.

The good being that illegal immigrants are a growing problem in the US, concerning jobs especially. Guarding the boarders obviously isn't working, so in order to make progress there is going to have to be harsh action being taken.

The bad being that stopping every car that has reasonable suspicion of being illigal is ridiculous. That is going to take up too much of the officer's time and it's not fair to these people. They aren't bad people.

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