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Candlemaker’s resolve burns steadily

Oh my, you should really go visit the store. You may give yankee the boot. I have tried both and all the candles in the store smell much nicer. You should just go and buy a few of the small ones and just see for your self that way your not spending much money but it may change your mind. :)

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Candlemaker’s resolve burns steadily

Great place to buy candles. I remember going there for a trip in grade school. I loved the smell in the store. Very nice family. I think we should try to help out our local business before we make a fast trip to the Wal store or any of those kinds of stores. The quality on its own could be the only reason but its not, the fragrance, colors and the one of a kind items. I have never went in the store and thought any thing was over priced and that's not to common these days. I am going to visit the store a little more than usual so I'm not stuck with buying candles at the discount stores. That's the thing we should all do, we can't complain about the shops downtown prices or having to close if we are not going to support them and force them to have to raise prices to be able to stay open or have to close the business.

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Would you be more likely to stick with a diet if a cash reward were offered?

Hey I got a great idea, lets start a pot and everyone put in $50 then after 6 months lets have 1st 2nd and 3rd winner! I bet we could get some trainers to volunteer and Maximus or LAC, sporting stores, curves. Just an idea, let me know if any one is game.

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Kansas on the mind: Gill emphasizes importance of in-state recruiting

I am glad that this is important to him! Think of all the young kids that are from Lawrence and surrounding areas that have the dream of playing for the Jayhawks when they get older. We have alot of talented players around this area!

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Entrepreneur aims to bring new pedal-powered business to downtown Lawrence

I think it is a nice idea. I like the carriages at the plaza. Even if the drinking idea doesn't work, it would be a nice ride. I think it would work! Good Luck and hope to see it soon :) . Too many HATERS on here as usual! I LOVE LAWRENCE AND NEW IDEAS HELP KEEP US INTERESTING AND LOTS OF VISITORS WHICH WOULD BE GOOD FOR THE ECONOMY!

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Douglas County judge sentences Lawrence man in attempted murder case

And none of this time is eligable for early release, no good time. Just do the time and realize if you do it again the same thing is going to happen! No probation none of that crap! Also I think they need to make prisoners work to pay for the stay, also to make them pay restitution and pay for thier child support.

All this tv, internet, comisary, visits well no wonder criminals care if they go back to jail or prison. Maybe if they do all the stuff then they could earn these luxerys in jail.

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Douglas County judge sentences Lawrence man in attempted murder case


I agree with you, that could be traumatizing for the person getting robbed. ok 5-10 years but if any violence or battery or death occur then it would move up on the time to 20-Life.

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Douglas County judge sentences Lawrence man in attempted murder case

Oh and DUI and stuff like that should be between 1 year for first time offenses with no injuries and 5 years to Life for second and any injuries or Deaths.

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Douglas County judge sentences Lawrence man in attempted murder case

Murder, Attempted Murder, Rape, Any thing you do to hurt a child! = 20 to LIFE

Robbery, Selling Drugs, Tax Stuff, Traffic Stuff = 1 Day to 5 Years

Come on is it really that difficult??

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Douglas County judge sentences Lawrence man in attempted murder case

And if you think he will do 8 1/2 probably not, he will be out in about 5. Just a shame, the time needs to fit the crime! I just don't understand how murderers, attempted murderers and rapists and child molestors get less time than drug dealers and people that rob people, people that dont pay there taxes. WTF It really P***** me off! Just goes to show it is really ONLY about the money.

I am not condoning any criminal behavior but come on people! This is just a discrace!

No wonder people are afraid to tell on people that try to hurt them or to be witness for crimes. The criminal will be out soon to try and get revenge. I don't have to much confindence in the legal system. Not the Police, just the attorneys and judges. The Police do the best and then after that it is out of thier hands. They must get aggravated as well.

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