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A road to better wetlands

This is a developer' dream: Destroy an existing wetlands environment, maintained by nature for countless eons, and replace it with an artificial one that requires continuous human maintenance and public funding to preserve. No doubt, during the next economic crises - one which will surely come - the public will be convinced that the state, county, city, etc. cannot afford to pay for continued maintenance of the artificial wetlands and also that the sale of the land will provide much needed revenue. I would bet that plans exists in some stashed away arcinfo or autocad file that show, not a wetlands, but, instead, a housing project or, perhaps, another strip mall.
The developers of the highway project waited at least 20 years and spent millions of dollars to destroy the wetlands. This project must have more value than just a simple alternative traffic corridor. I am sure that the powers-that-be are willing to wait another 20 years for the public to grow weary of the cost of maintenance and then they will get to develop the alternative wetlands property.
In the end the area around what was once the Akarusa Wetlands will be urban blight requiring further mitigation to control the negative effects of increased traffic and development.

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