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Transcripts show Kansas lawmakers didn't know meetings law

What better evidence that most people in the Sunflower State are frighteningly ignorant? Even the lawmakers here are totally clueless--maybe *especially* them.

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Average ACT score for Lawrence students lower this year

Kansas in my humble opinion does not boast many homegrown brainiacs, and that's being way too kind about it.

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Prosecutors seek dismissal of case in need of more investigation

Douglas County prosecutors are hardly models of good conscience and evenhandedness. KU is allowed to use the court to retaliate against workers and students at their whim. Everyone knows KU's General Counsel is not without ethical demerits, so how can this be? What possible honest reason exists for filing cases that have involved no police contact with a "suspect" beforehand except careerist, self-serving excuses? It hardly makes a very strong case that someone is feared as a threat when no police were even involved in their apprehension. Only whitewashers like the EEO Office and Federal Department of Education would accept BS like this with no further questions asked.

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Facebook page concerns parents of Lawrence High students

"Beware the naked man who offers you his shirt". Lawrence is full of such people. Kansas parents would be doing future society a great favor if they taught their children to respect decent social boundaries in public. It's mindless, insulting , and disrespectful of equal rights to teach your children to approach complete strangers( Thank heavens! Let's keep it that way) for discriminatory reasons. Even those with perceived bad knees can climb stairs and carry their own bags, and it's a point of personal pride and independence to let them. Wheelchair users can roll over and hit the elevator button. Self-serving chivalry in cases like this is insufferable. Feminists do not take to strangers who think good manners equals opening doors( clumsily tripping people in the meanwhile)Certain individuals end up being unduly mobbed, molested, and having their rights to freedom of movement, education, and employment messed with.

Unsophisticated people have little ability to help others because they clearly lack understanding and respect. It shows an insulting blindness and disrespect for others' internal lives and right to live their lives unimpeded by grabby morons to make aggressive assumptions about the neediness of others in public spaces. Plus, it goes against treasured American ideologies of Individualism and equal treatment for everyone.

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Volunteer guides others in quest for independence

Kudos to Athena Johnson for making the most of her abilities! It's important to remember that impairments involve actual physical limitations. Disabilities in contrast are built by other people. They form the barriers that society creates to hold people back from pursuing their passions and dreams on the basis of perceived differences. Personally, I worked hard to learn to successfully navigate the world and feel comfortable in public, but all my hard work came crashing down when I had to deal with the cultural norms of KS. People here seem to raise their children to disrespect boundaries by aggressively approaching strangers on the basis of perceived physical limitations. It's terrorizing to be grabbed or to have your belongings grabbed. The twisted things people will do to convince themselves they are helping! Nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone deserves to feel safe in the world, and presumptuously aggressing on strangers for discriminatory reasons robs people of this fundamental right. When you are talking about something as a minor as a bad knee, I'd say people are over-reacting to treat you like you are as fragile as Steven Hawking. It's rude and intrusive. Boo Lawrence-- zero respect for equal rights here.

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Student conduct review team assesses behavior, resolves issues

It should raise red flags that a causal reading of this article seems to show so many ways that people in charge at KU do not understand or respect the law!! I'd like to see the KU administration get the pants sued off them. I sent the story of how I was abused at KU to the Lawless America. It will hopefully go into the congressional testimony. I had to file a complaint against the KU cops with the DOJ a few years back because they were so dishonest, incompetent, and abusive.

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GOP seeks to make state model for nation

Thank merciful heaven it's possible for some to live to see Kansas and its mindless street harassment in the rear-view mirror. What a bunch of shameless hype and bull malarkey from Mike Pompeo and the KS GOP,-- but this guy forms a great model of exactly the type of crooks and liars who prosper in the Sunflower State.

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What is your favorite word?

epiphany--but the experience of enlightenment is obviously not relevant to life in KS.

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Football power


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