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City officials to consider fate of 9th, N.H. plan

Why is it that the city has to buy the Salvation Army to tear it down for a green space and sculpture area for the art center, when this vacant lot is already vacant?

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Ideas endorsed

G. Gordon Liddy also advocated violence in this era and is a hero of the right....

March 14, 2012 at 9:44 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Abortion ban to be proposed in Kansas House

Yes, but it will get more far right voters out to the polls in the August primary, insuring that the 8 moderate republicans targeted by the Koch brother's interests for removal go down in flames. This is a red herring to that end. They know if won't pass or will be struck down in the courts. The real goal is more redistribution of income upward from the poor and middle class. (see Brownback's new tax plan story).

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Wealth redistribution is flawed policy


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GOP shift?

A little "less government" in my uterus would be nice. Seems we are so broke we can spend 500K (so far) to make it harder for me to get an affordable pap smear or contraception. +1 to the Judeo-Christian Sharia law comment.

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Rec boondoggle?

It takes me 20 minutes to drive to the indoor pool located in W. Lawrence even at 5 in the morning, so by the logic of some posters here I should demand a new indoor pool on the far east side. Yes the recreation options on the west side ARE unfair, the west side is advantaged by a beautiful indoor pool facility.

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Lawrence City Commission approves funding for SRS office

@thefactsare....umm didn't we cough up 280k and free parking for Compton's many net jobs will that create/save? And doesn't he want even more to fix up the Masonic Temple he paid too much for, and can't afford to rehab?

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Dillons submits modifications of design for Mass. Street store to Lawrence City Commission

And the taxpayers would be chipping in too!

July 19, 2011 at 6:59 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Rural Bonner Springs woman fined for littering tea bottles in same man's yard nearly every day for 2 years

How hard is it to put something in the trash or recycling when you get to your destination? I don't understand folks tossing things out the car window. I think I was taught not to do that from an early age.

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Lawrence city manager offers several cuts to proposed budget to hold the line on property taxes

We could also not give 280K and free parking to a certain millionaire, or any other corporate welfare for that matter.

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