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Lawrence City Commission approves funding for SRS office

@thefactsare....umm didn't we cough up 280k and free parking for Compton's many net jobs will that create/save? And doesn't he want even more to fix up the Masonic Temple he paid too much for, and can't afford to rehab?

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Dillons submits modifications of design for Mass. Street store to Lawrence City Commission

And the taxpayers would be chipping in too!

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Rural Bonner Springs woman fined for littering tea bottles in same man's yard nearly every day for 2 years

How hard is it to put something in the trash or recycling when you get to your destination? I don't understand folks tossing things out the car window. I think I was taught not to do that from an early age.

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Lawrence city manager offers several cuts to proposed budget to hold the line on property taxes

We could also not give 280K and free parking to a certain millionaire, or any other corporate welfare for that matter.

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Town Talk: Self likely to donate $1 million for West Lawrence recreation center, sales tax dollars may fund rest; skatepark improvements, new East Lawrence playground on drawing board

It takes me 20 minutes to drive to the indoor aquatic center from my house in SE Lawrence (and that is the google drive time too--just looked it up). The google drive time from the aquatic center to Holcolm is 10 minutes and about half the miles, so it seems to me that the west side has a pretty good deal already as far as recreation options. I wish there was a nice indoor aquatic center closer to my neighborhood. Maybe we could put one on that land next to the East Lawrence rec center.

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American greed

Seriously? When you take the refs out of the game so the players can now be the both the bankers and the insurance agents on the loans??? Ok, if the free market is so great, can we have our 170 Billion back from AIG then?

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American greed

The big banks don't make widgets, they move money around, dice up debt, repackage it, repeat, rinse, defraud. And it was deregulation that let them do it. The banking reform just passed is so full of holes it will do little to keep them from doing it again. They are no better than the 3 card monty artists standing on the street corner. Move your money to small (really small not co-opted greenwashed) banks and credit unions. Divest (as much as you can) from corporations that don't actually make anything of value to the common good or actually harm the common good. Information is key, but of course the fraudsters realized this a long time ago, so really educating yourself is difficult, but not impossible. For instance:
Do you think paying a PROFESSIONAL with a Master's degree and experience, who is responsible for educating the next generation of scientist, doctor, lawyer, engineer, president, executive, policeperson, fire fighter, etc. 50K a year plus access to health care and a chance to retire in dignity is excessive, but a 20million dollar "bonus" to a crook is just "honoring a contract"? (BTW If we had actually reformed health care, the total compensation would not be over 100k.--but corporate profits in the health care insurance industry must be maintained at all costs, right?)
We (the people and our elected officials--ie the government) let WallStreet demand roll backs on hard fought worker rights and compensation in the private sector, the raiding of pensions, all in the name of "competitiveness"--which apparently means endlessly increasing profits to woo shareholders. Surprise! endlessly increasing profits is not sustainable. It used to be earning an honest living and rate of return on investment was enough. But now investors just chase the big fast score at the crap table that is Wall Street.

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City officials consider expanding parking garage planned at Lawrence Public Library

And how bout a certain millionaire parking user paying for his parking in the existing parking garage then?

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Closings and cancellations for Thursday, Feb. 3, 2011

KCK is out because we already had parent teacher conferences scheduled for tomorrow. Teachers (and hopefully parents) as well as support staff will be there.

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Extra effort

Ditto what everyone else has already said. Our sanitation workers are awesome!

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