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Dozens speak against Westar Energy's proposed rate increase and plan to 're-balance' rates

15% lower than the national average....
Are our incomes higher or lower than the national average?
55% increase in average electric rates in the last 5 years....
Have our median incomes gone up 55% in the last 5 years?

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House approves ban on union pay deductions

As teacher of 10+ years I can say that I have never felt co-erced into having my union dues taken out of my paycheck, but I DEFINITELY have felt pressured to give to United Way. Please legislature protect me from that too as I have more disagreements with the way United Way is run than I do with the candidates endorsed by KNEA. Now I have to sign up for direct payment from my checking account to pay my (actually association not union) dues--actually I already did but it was annoying that I had to take the time, paperwork, and stamp to do it.

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Lawrence resident pleads guilty to organizing $16M drug trafficking ring

But these money laundering bankers were too big to jail, so instead paid 5 weeks worth of ill gotten gains from 10 years of there is incentive to stop.

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3 Democrats vying for chance to challenge U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins

Did I say they would vote for him just because he was a pastor? I think I said that they might take a second look at a pastor from Topeka. Please do not twist and cheery pick my words.

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3 Democrats vying for chance to challenge U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins

I too will support anyone over Jenkins, but Tobias has my vote in the primary because, although Bob could maybe get elected to an all Lawrence district, he will not win the 2nd district as a whole. Folks out west will see Demo and Lawrence and vote for Lynn. They may take a 2nd look at a pastor from Topeka.

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Town Talk: 'Chipotle-style' Indian restaurant slated for downtown; former city commissioner Boog Highberger now a downtown business owner; talk about a temporary library move

Then I dare you to put the WHOLE quote here. In context the meaning is something different than you are implying by cherry picking this one sentence, and does not make your point.

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Supreme Court ruling vindicates Obama on health care

I won't be paying this tax because I have and hope to continue to purchase health insurance as it is the responsible thing to do and I have done it since I was an adult with my own insurance--sometimes through an employer sometimes a private plan. The system now taxes me because I pay for everyone who through choice or circumstance is uninsured through income taxes, fees, higher premiums and higher health care costs.

All the libertarians out there how bout this opt out of the mandate:
Sign a paper much like a DNR that says "because I have chosen the "freedom" from the tyranny of health insurance I want all health care providers to leave me to die or get better on my own should I happen to come down with any disease or injury--signed outraged patriot." Now once you sign, no chickening out when you get sick and buying into the health insurance pool than cannot reject you under this law--you opted out--good luck to ya.

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City officials to consider fate of 9th, N.H. plan

Why is it that the city has to buy the Salvation Army to tear it down for a green space and sculpture area for the art center, when this vacant lot is already vacant?

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Ideas endorsed

G. Gordon Liddy also advocated violence in this era and is a hero of the right....

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