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Tuition increase pushes KU beyond crossroads, chancellor says

The chancellor received a pay raise- is this where some of the money went? I know my out-of-state tuition certainly helps even though I didn't move here to go to school. I moved here to put my kids in what I thought was an exceptional school district. I'm disappointed by both KU and the Lawrence School district. And since I am unable to prove my "intent" to stay in Kansas indefinitely well, I am outta here as soon as I graduate, never to give another dime to KU ever again. I can't wait for the alumni association to start asking me for donations. They better duck because I'm liable to spit on them. HAAA!

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Hemenway gets 4 percent raise

What a joke!? luckily, us out-of-state students help with the pay raise.

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Citing cyclists

ban automobiles

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Pope invites Muslims to 'cultural dialogue'

Ok, if death to islam than death to christianity and death to judaism. Death to Monotheism, polythesism, and death to the myth of a virgin mary and jesus. Yes, death to jesus...hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

death to ridiculous stories based in faith! Woman was created from Adam's rib???? Mary was a virgin??? Give me a f*&king break!!

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Pope invites Muslims to 'cultural dialogue'

Hypocricy out of control...

It's time for organized religion to fall the wayside and join the ranks of Greek and Roman gods/goddesses. Let's be rational animals and eliminate the jesus/yahweh/mohammed/abraham/virgin mary myths. It's time to evolve, seriously! Our planet and our future depends on it...

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Do you think the Lawrence school board should reduce or eliminate school fees?

Bone- some families can't afford to own property. Quit being an elitist

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Do you think the Lawrence school board should reduce or eliminate school fees?

I agree with sunshine. Is it the norm to apply fees to public education? Where I grew up in a suburb of KC, there were never fees for attending public school.

So, what happens if the parent can't come up with the money? "Sorry Ms.--- your son can't come to school today b/c you're deliquent on your account."

Truly, something is not right. . .

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What do you think would make a good symbol of Lawrence's character?

Are you kidding Meghan? What music scene? Larrytown is a big disappointment when it comes to live music, seriously.

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What do you think can be done to relieve traffic congestion on 23rd Street?

ban on privately-owned automobiles within city limits. Allow only foot, bicycle, mass transit and community cars for carpooling. Set up park and rides just outside the city limits for driving out of town. This is where one could keep their car when not in use. Ahhh, imagine life without the killing machines clogging the streets of town. What a beautiful thing!!!!

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Teachers compete with phones, puzzles for students' attention

"Why don't we up the standards and stop letting idiots into the college?"

amen to that! I am sick to death of the majority of undergrads at KU not giving a sh*t. Most are at KU b/c it is expected of them and not because they have a clue as to what they want to do with their lives. Go away is what I have to say to all these children who spend their class time doing anything else but paying attention.

I had a professor that humiliated a student in class for doing the crossword during his lecture. My respect for him increased tenfold after that. I only wish more professors would call these kids out when they choose to take up space in class and not participate. Leave higher education to those who want to learn and be the best at what they do.

Go home kiddies and come back when you are ready to take your education seriously!!!

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