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Sharing "Your" Life's Song

for all my friends in lawrence-


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Sharing "Your" Life's Song


I Just want to feel food, dont wan't to hurt nubody, get a good time out of my life.

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Camping 101 - Missing in Action

one last piece of advice from me - In case you can't escape, make sure to fill a flask full of your favorite hard liquor. That way, if somebody gets a small injury or scrape, you can sterilize the wound with alcohol...

And when nothing else is going your way, have a nip. Before long, you will be having more fun than anyone.

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Camping 101 - Missing in Action

my advice - don't pretend to be something you are not.

Just bring plenty of cash, wear your nicest evening wear and stylish shades (don't forget a fashionable hat), then find out where the closest department stores, spas and restaurants are. Bring spare car keys, and sneak out when you get the chance. If anyone asks, just tell them you have to go see a man about a wallaby.

Everyone else probably has extra of everything that has been recommended. Remember, scouts are honorable and everything, but not above bribery.

Sounds like you are getting plenty of other advice that is better. By really roughing it, you will learn to get better at camping. Sounds like that's not for you. Embrace who you are, and have a great vacation like you want.

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Two Free Tickets to Y'allapalooze 2009 - This Saturday

Another time, when I was a poor, immature KU student, I was at HyVee buying some groceries. A person approached me who identified herself as a "Pepsi Secret Shopper" and because I intended to purchase her cola product, I won two free tickets to an event at the pepsi summer concert series at Sandstone. Yeah!!!

I almost forgot about that event, my memory of that part of my life is a little hazy. Don't remember what concert it was either, there were several I went to that year. It was either Steve Miller Band or Bob Seger and the Silver Bullets I think.

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Two Free Tickets to Y'allapalooze 2009 - This Saturday

I don't want the tickets either, got stuff to do.

I had just tuned into the Lawrence public radio station, they had a quiz, I immediately called in because I knew the name of the composer. I got right throuh and named the composer, but since I had not listened to the whole program I had no idea what the prize was. It turned out to be tickets to the Kansas City Symphony with some special guest I did not know.

I was still excited to win, I probably beat out the other few listeners that day. I could not find anyone who wanted to go with me so I stayed home and nobody picked the tix up from will call. I probably missed a great show.

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Songs With A Color in the Title or Lyrics

by Bob Schneider

Big Blue Sea

Gold in the Sunset

Blue Mountain

Wish Bob would come back to Lawrence...

Blues skies for everyone

I hope this is enough to turn some readers into Bob fans.

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Car owners regret do-it-yourself repairs

I sold my camry when it needed new tires, timing belt, and a total of 2-3K in maintenance.

I bought a early 1970's chevy truck. It is really simple and I did all the work on it myself other than the alignment, I bought the parts at parts stores and for about 3K I have a reliable ride that I can work on myself, although it is loud and ugly. I also get about 9 mpg, but the way I drive a tank of gas lasts me a month.

I'm also not afraifd to bang on parts with a sledgehammer anymore, brute force is key in some repairs.

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