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Highway patrol program targeted drunk drivers on Lawrence streets

Everyon needs to lay off of officer Buttler. She is a mom just like about half of the readers. She is doing her best to make a change for all of us. In my opinion it doesnt matter one bit what she is paid. If she can take the time away from her familey to try and make the change which we are all scared to step up and make ourselves we should pay her more.

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Vigil planned for woman killed in motorcycle-car accident

Is this Phil Fullers exwife?

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Plan stalls to move homeless shelter

So how do the citizens of Lawrence get rid of the guy. I mean was he voted in or what?

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Plan stalls to move homeless shelter

Why not let us work on the solution instead of creating a new problem. Why not try to rehabilitate the home less to where they can be productive members of society. Like limiting the amout of time they can live for free at the shelter. Work out a job traing program with local companies to help teach the homeless a skills that they can live by. Have an accountant setup a checking account to where 1/2 of their earnings goes to the shelter, 1/4 goes into a account to help buld funds for them to get their own place, and 1/4 goes to the individual for personal effects. With the stipulation that if they dont follow all the ruls of the residents all money will be turned over to the house and they would be kicked out. If we try to help reintergrate them into society they would no longer be a problem.

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K-State wins by not losing

And we are still looking at a 32 million doller exspansion to memorial stadium? Why? Do you honestly think if you build it they will win. Good luck with that one.

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Lawrence city commissioner seeks outright ban on panhandling downtown

There are several towns in the U.S. that take people like this and give them a oneway ticket out of town. This could be a short time fix for lawrence possible a long term if the word gets out to the national media that we as a community do not want nor need this in our town.

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Family first

And then there are dads like me who work 40+ hours a week to cover child support and provide insurence for my son with a ex wife who hasnt worked since the day before my son was born. Take in mind my son is 7 years old. If you cant see my frustration then you are blind.

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Nobel Peace Prize is meaningless

If they want to end the war pull our troops out and bomb the hell out of them from a far just like Kawait in the earley 90's. it would only take 24 hours to end the whole thing. No more of our troops would have to die.

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Highway patrol says alcohol a factor in double-fatality on K-10

I guess that you who think you are perfect should lay off of the officer who is just posting the information which they were given. I am sure for a fact that you mr./mrs perfect have never said anything without having all the facts and then had to say something else to set the record straight. Thats what i thought. So ease up already. The KHP is only doing there job to the best of their ability with what they are given.

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In tight job market, more parents struggling to pay child support

I do not mind paying support for my son. What i do mind is the fact that the system is wanting to raise my support amount which i understand because of the 36 month rule. But what gets me is the fact that my ex refuses to work when there isnt a thing wrong with her she just chooses not to work so i am nailed with the full support amount. Where is it writen that a women has the choice to dictate support amount because they choose not to work for over 7 years.

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