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Body found off Kansas Highway 10 identified as 37-year-old shelter resident

I work with several of the people from the shelter and they all seem to be fine people. Those of you who have never had to want for anything in your life are lucky. I myself have been homeless. I'm not less then everyone else. In fact that taught me how to fight harder for what I want. Those of you who think homeless people are less then humane. I hope you lose all your worldly belongings and have to be homeless yourself. Then see what you think.

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North Lawrence residents, disappointed with local response to theft problem, to seek answers from legislators

They have moved to Brookwood mobile home park now. My home and at least 3 more that I have heard of have been hit. The perp left a flashlight at one of the sights. Hopefully the police will follow through and make a arrest and make their lives as uneasy as they have made ours.

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Truancy policies can catch parents by surprise

My son lives with my exwife. She is suppost to be looking out for his best interest and I still have been contacted with a letter regarding my son missing school. I think the state needs to pull the kids from bad places and put them where they come first.

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Faith Forum: Does Santa Claus talk to God about who has been naughty or nice?

I have always told my son that santa works for god. And that santa was a saint before he was santa. God hired santa to reward the children who followed gods commandments. I felt this was a way to allow my son to have the best of both worlds the spiritual and the day to day in which we live.

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December 31st Early Morning Law Enforcement & Fire/Medical wrap up

Why not tell of the bomb scare at gaslight which had the bomb squad called in for? Is this not news in Lawrence?

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Town Talk: Briggs to build new showroom along Iowa Street; controversial apartment project to spur more debate

I live in Gaslight and have for 4 years now. The owner is now wanting to force all the owners out and sell the land to a apartment developer. The owner of this land is so chicken that they publish in the paper before he ever let's us trailer owners know a thing. The owner is just looking for all the wealthy college kids mom and dads money for rent just like the other contractors.

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Eudora to start kindergarten fee

This is what happens when they vote to build a new football field and have no money. Now the parents are having to come up with the shortfall due to the forces that be suck at money managment.

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Do you support Kansas maintaining a law permitting the death penalty?

The fear of the death penalty does not turn people because of all the appeals which they will get. If we did away with all the appeals and just made it a quick end to the madness crime might drop. It is far cheaper to execute someone instead of providing food,cloths,shelter,education, and insurence for them. I dont know about you but my sons school could use the money they spend on convicts.

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2 prison escapees caught in Mississippi

What can you exspect from a prison were the fence is only around 3 foot tall. Come on now. My seven year old could escape.

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100 years ago: City looking forward to ice-related power problems

Its good to see some things just dont change. Go Con's

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