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Abe & Jake's is city's burden


As a buisness owner, you could have gotten a deal that good. So could have I. But, you and I weren't dumb enough to invest that amount of capital into a dump. No one would spend $1000 per square foot for an abondoned warehouse in a very crappy location that doesn't meet code.

Taking an existing storefront property and transforming it to meet your needs is way different than taking a crap hole warehouse and transforming it to a state of the art bar and banquet hall. The money a company spends to renovate a store on Mass. st. is chump change compared to the investment to renovate Abe and Jake's.

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Gas station ordered to remove tanks

ok, they can't conclusivly find a leak in these tanks knowing that there is a leak and people are wanting heads of KDHE and Presto owners? It sucks that people lost their homes, but insurance will cover their expenses, and hopefully a little more for the inconvenience. No need to get your panties in a wad.

I think this investigation has been run well, everyone is cooperative, Presto appears to have followed the rules, and you can't rip KDHE for not detecting the leaks because rigorous tests aren't detecting the leaks now. Some times &*%$ happens, do what you can and move on.

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Abe & Jake's is city's burden


You are right in everything that you say, but you can't raise a lease price or sell a property when someone is leasing it (without legalities). At the time, the place was worth $400 a month. If it was worth more than that, and some other company was willing to pay $500, $600, $1000/month, I'm sure the city would have gone that route, but no other buisnessman was willing to pony up the dough for an EXTREMLY risky investment. It was a high risk high reward and you shoudn't gripe about some one that took a huge risk and hit the jackpot through hard work and serious determination.

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Abe & Jake's is city's burden

Let me get this right then....

According to most of the people on this board, you can rent a pile of crap for 400/month, fix it up, and when you are done, your landlord can thank you buy raising your rent, or taking it from you an sell it for profit.

Bottom line is, when the Elwell took over the property, it was about 400 a month. That is what he should pay unless the city supplemented the improvements, which it appears thay have not.

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Abe & Jake's is city's burden

Apparantly none of you had been to abe and jakes before it was remodeled. It was not "Prime" real estate. Don't you remember the city trying to find some use for the Riverfront mall? Abe and Jake's building was a dump. I watched them work in that building for the 2 years I worked near that building. We thought it was nuts to put that much money into a dump.

Look at the place. Ewell invested a ton of money in that place. I would imagine 100K+. Furthermore, he invested in a facility that he doesn't even own. He also took a gigantic risk. Who would have thought this venture would be sucessful. The guy took a dump and turned it into a gem. Let him reap the rewards and quit complaining about the rent.

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Student's 3-day run to aid homeless

225 miles a day? I hope he doesn't die.

Cheers to you Richard.

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Did you suffer any property damage from the hailstorm?

just a tip, don't know if this works, but it makes sense. Wait until it is very hot outside and your car is nice and hot, place ice cubes in the hail dents.

Again, I've never tried this myself, just thought I'd throw it out there.

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Why is it important to celebrate Earth Day?

>I've heard (no I cannot site the source) that the govt. is
>wanting to impose a large fee on people who are doing
>this already. Anyone heard anything?

When you make ethanol, you are basically distilling pure ethyl alchohol, which is quite illegal by current laws (its basically Everclear). Besides, the stuff is highly flammable and dangerous in large quantities, so I think most people would understand the need to regulate its production.

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What is your favorite track and field event?

pole vault

Those were the days...

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City to fix notorious bump in road

Safety chains don't do crap by the way...especially if the front of the trailer is thrust up abruptly. Its usually just a chain hanging around the ball hitch.

The driver was obviously going too fast for the bump because he didn't see it. I've driven that bump more times than I can count. It's difficult to see unless you know its there. It needs to be fixed.

But what are the chances that some one happened to be walking there when this happened? That's got to be a 1 in a million...

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