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Jefferson County begins recovery

Quit your whining. God what a bunch of losers.

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Lead paint concerns chip away at parents' sense of control

Let's not forget that the nation's emergency rooms aren't being inundated with lead poisoned patients. Toys have contained lead paint for years. Most of us turned out alright.

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Shrinking population vexes rural Kansas

You people know nothing of Rural Kansas. Half the posts on this board could have been copied and pasted in every negative article that you read.

There aren't enough jobs to maintain populations. The cost in manhours per acre to grow crops is incredibly lower than it once was. This isn't due to coorportate farming, but rather technology. Fewer man-hours, fewer jobs. Fewer jobs, fewer incomes. Fewer incomes, fewer local buisnesses. Fewer local buisnesses, fewer jobs... and on and on...

Young people watch TV. They want to see the rest of the world. That's why I moved away from the farm, because I want to experience more. I worry about my father every day. He works his ass off, has no retirement fund...but what can you do for him and other farmers?

>I think it's God's punishment on the people for being
> ultra-conservative fundamentalist Republicans.

Remarks like that puzzle the hell out of me. Maybe Kansas is bigoted after all.

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Residents surprised to learn their favorite sports are illegal

dumbest article I've ever read.

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Report forecasts boomer demand for homes, resort at Clinton Lake

Nothing like ruining another park and fishing area because a bunch of city slickers want to live in the country and have a lakehouse... slash and burn...who gives a %$#& about maintaining wildwild areas and preserving places for people to enjoy it?

Just wait until you want to throw a pole in the water at your favorite fishing spot, only to find its private property.

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How long do you think you can hold your breath?

until there isn't any smoke on exhale...

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Bump, set, splat: Annual mud volleyball event serves up fun for LHS students

seriously, that looks like so much fun!

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Poll shows conservatives abandoning GOP

Yes, I must say that you can't take my statement literally, they pay NEXT TO NO taxes. Therefore, you cannot cut taxes for the poor. That's not hateful, its a FACT. I have been in the lowest tax bracket my entire life. I lived a very humble childhood. I worked during college more than 95% of my fellow college students. During that time, I didn't pay any TAXES (compared to middle and upper tax brackets).

What I did do, however, is to work my ass off and chose a profession that will allow me to live comfortably and do allot of things I didn't get to do while growing up. I'll be damned if I let a bunch of pot smoking socialist hippies make me subsidize those that chose to drop out of high school, didn't go to college or chose to get a freaking arts degree.

Using your messed up logic, lowering taxes on gasoline would be a tax break for the rich because the rich buy more gasoline.

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Poll shows conservatives abandoning GOP

Kind of hard to cut taxes for the poor, when the poor don't pay any taxes

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Gas station ordered to remove tanks

Actually, I know enough to know that if the leak detectors aren't detecting a leak now when doing everything they can to find a leak, they probably wouldn't have discovered a leak during the march investigation.

The 2,300 gallon discrepency was originally determined to be a paperwork discrepancy. Either way, they had an investigation, they tested the tanks, they came out ok, which seems to be validated since the leaks cannot be detected now.

You can get off your KDHE consipracy theory and ackowledge that they did what they could to inspect the tanks, they were wrong, crap happens, that's why we have insurance.

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