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Weis leaves impression on Self during practice

Charlie is all business...viss & pineagar, so please make us forget the past few years & give us a damn good reason to enjoy our Fall Saturday afternoons at the stadium. Just a respectable product is OK for the first time out, but from my experiences in Southbend on Saturdays, I know Mr Weiss has alot more in mind than respectability. Crist does also-he was a much better leader & producer than Rees or Kelly will ever be. Kelly had exactly NO emotional control before his team-some of his guys just laugh at his absence of situational command. At least Charlie has poise & experience enough to get the players to believe in him. I'll go out on a limb here & say we get three "V's"-hell maybe four-Crist is good for at least one alone. RCJH!!!

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Thomas Robinson ‘great’ against Tigers

Thanks for a year no one really expected to be this entertaining-as good a conference season & championship could be. Hopefully KSU or someone else doesn't knock misery out of the BG12 tourny & we get to spank them once again, for old times sake. After that, I don't care if we play or see them again, period. Why continue to do business with a partner that set you out for the trash? "It ain't personal Sonny, it's business."

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KU playing catch-up while neighbors leave Big 12

Seems like most of the posters are missing the target here. It's all about money. Booster money is down, tax revenues are down, and salaries are way down. Unless you one of the chosen few in the sports world or politics, you're doing alot less with a whole lot less money. All this movement is about keeping the cash cow getting fatter. Nothing else. Lots of people have been caught off guard. The one guy you really have to point a finger at is Beebe. If he was half way connected at all, this should have been on his radar. And very few basketball programs make any money anyway. Football rules the roost if you have a winner. Lew's a sports guy, not the business honcho the commish should be. And he's a damn good sports guy too. Complian all you want, hindsight's 20/20. I didn't hear all this when they won the Orange bowl or the Nat. Championship.

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