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KU class angers 'design' advocates

Oh crap, it died, and Dr. Mirecki is leaving. It was a truly great idea. Dr. Mirecki should come back to Harvard where great ideas are tolerated.

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KU class angers 'design' advocates

This is perfect. All religion is mythology, which is precisely why ID does not belong in the science classroom.
Of course 'Evolution' is a theory - but it is not 'merely' a theory. A theory is a hypothesis that has been repeatedly supported by factual evidence. All science that is taught is theory. The theories that comprise the body of science provide a logic-based roadmap that enables talented minds not only to expand our knowledge of the physical and bilogogical universe, but to make valuable discoveries and inventions, and to solve myriad problems that plague humanity and the world. The once-hypothesis, and now-theory, that vascular neogenesis (the growth of new blood vessels) is essential to the growth and invasive potential of a cancerous tumors, has led to the development of antiangiogenic cancer therapies that are revolutionizing the treatment of cancer to a degree unimaginable just a few years ago. This is just one tiny example of the power of a single scientific theory.
'Intelligent design' is not a theory, and its only byproduct to date is a wave of pseudoscientific idiocy that threatens to undermine the education of potentially brilliant young minds. At best it is a hypothesis, one that has been supported by exactly zero scientific evidence - you know: experiments, data; science. We do not teach hypotheses in science classrooms. We teach the concept of a hypothesis, and the scientific process whereby hypotheses may or may not be elevated to the important and noteworthy status of theory.
Mythology is where intelligent design belongs, along with studies of Zeus, Apollo, Vishnu, Brahma et al.. KU's move to incorporate intelligent design into a religious mythology course is appropriate, if not brilliant strategy.

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