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Should the city fine property owners $50 for not clearing snow from their sidewalks?

Lawrence isn't that bad....could be like this...http://www.tampabay.com/news/localgovernment/article919476.ece

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Warmer weather brings bat out of winter slumber - into living room

Hey Bill---I like the way you slipped in a photo of your watch to prove your timeline :)

*making note to not go to the Snead house for anything pureed*

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Tornado kills nearly two dozen throughout Midwest

And people laughed at me for leaving that area! Makes me want to call them up and say "Indiana?!? why would you want to live in Southern Indiana?!? They thought I was crazy for wanting to move to Kansas because of all the "tornado stories".
But on a serious note---my kids and grandkids live only a few miles from where this hit--so it was a scary thing to wake up to today.

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Some call for banning drivers from cell phones

Make a law that you can only use cell phones while driving through a roundabout....

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Sunflowers a stately attraction

Clearly he is a man outstanding in his field...

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So long

I will miss your awesome photos...best of luck in your new career!

A co-worker at 609 New Hampshire
Guylene Cowell

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Family escapes from North Lawrence blaze

If they are in need of clothing or household items, where can we take them? Also if they need clothing, what sizes?

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Do you believe that child molesters can be rehabilitated?

"Early next week, he'll move to a supervised home setting in Lawrence for an indefinite time. He will have an escort with him around the clock, seven days a week, at an estimated cost of $278,000 for the first 15 months, according to state officials. " LJW 4/1/05.

Hmmmm I wonder...if he is rehabilitated...then why guard him? And does he not pose any threat after the 15 months are passed?

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Do you think Lawrence school children should advance together into the same junior high school?

I can speak from experience on this issue. Three years ago my daughter (then 12) and I moved from Indiana to Lawrence. She had no friends and was very shy. Thank goodness for the kind & caring counselors at West Jr High and the great kids in her class who made her feel welcome after a month or so. It was so stressful for her that she had many days that were missed due to "stress stomach aches". My feeling is that the longer friends can stay together the better for their level of happiness and feeling a part of the social scene. I also think that it helps them avoid some of the "bad" peer pressures.

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