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Lawrence police officer receives department's first Purple Heart for his injuries

When I was growing up, people would say if you didn't like the police, then call a Hippy.
So I did.
The Hippy got me High and the Police showed up and arrested us both.
The moral of this story is....
Walk a mile in thier shoes!
Everyday someone is out there looking for the chance to blame a cop for thier troubles.
Glad someone is brave enough to stand up to these crazies.
Excellant job Officer Evinger!!!!!!!

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City law interpretation spares lives of chickens slated for slaughter in public display of art

Something tells me the sky is about to fall!!!!

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Area cities approach trash services differently

What everyone seems to be missing here is that the City/County have thier own mechanics and repair budget.
This includes fuel, tires, purchaseing new trucks etc.
The city of Olathe is self insured.
Lots of hidden cost here.
It is a good system tho.
And the fees do off set some of those cost.
The most important thing to remember is that when a privately owned company takes over you pay what they tell you to pay.
Then your over a barrel!
Stay the course Lawrence. Keep the trash hauling businesses out of it.

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Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse

Been eatin there since the very year they opened.
Loved it then and love it now.
35 years and still going tells me they are doing something right!

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Architect wants to create downtown trail under Kansas River bridges

Agreed! Good idea. Take a trip to Omaha, St Louis, Portland to just mention a few and see what they have done with the river banks.

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Cosmosphere and Space Center has eye on city’s missile

I agree Alceste!!!!!
The fence is just a way of putting the responsiblity of "watching" our kids on the City.
I climbed all over that train when I was a kid in the Sixties.
My parents didn't play around when I was told I could get hurt if I was doing something that would hurt me.
Now the fence does that for them.
My Grand kids will never know the fun I had.
How about we tear down Mass. street?
Lots of men and boys died there years ago. The missle harmed no one!
Great plan.
Hope we don't need it!

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Jeff Chen, co-founder of Pick Up America, stands along the Ohio River near Ashland, Kentucky in 2010

I am taking a active role in this and have to say Jeff is doing all of us a favr.....
Please volunteer to help..

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Town Talk: Land near Clinton State Park undergoes major tree cutting; 'graffiti wall' coming to downtown; preparing for 2,500 bikers

Stay put.
Help is on the way.
The Weeping Willows are the reason we are having all the floods back east.

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100 years ago: Peeping Tom makes annual appearance on Alabama Street

Jack the Peeper has been replaced by the Web Cam.

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Four communities — including Lawrence — agree to pay state to retain SRS offices

I love this place.
We have a Govenor who TELLS US what is going to take place no matter what WE think or say or prove!
SRS is vitally needed by so many.
Its been proven and many many many people have expressed their disapproval of the closing.
Get place to live and we do have many freedoms here.
But when did the Govenor become the last say?
When did people lose control?
I lost track.
Let them eat Cookies and Ice Cream.
How soon we forget!!!!

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