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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to speak at Lied Center

Janet is a native of Eudora NOT Baldwin. Great gal happy she is so happy!

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If Tanning, tan smart

I have been laying out in the sun since the 70's and I still soak my body with baby oil. I tan very easy, never burn and so in the winter time I do go to the tanning bed! I have very oily skin so if I need the sun to help dry up my oily skin! I just recently went to get a sun/skin cancer check and the dermatologist could not believe I had ever been in the sun! I just really think its all genetics. I am very blessed to have very little wrinkels but I think that comes mainly from my oily skin which I have tried to dry out since the 70's. Some people are more prone to get skin cancer and some are not! So please don't judge!

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FINAL: Dunn's 24 points lead Baylor to upset over top-seeded KU, 71-64

As bummed as I am about the loss... let's look at the bright side... they can get some rest and be ready for the big dance!
Don't beat yourself up Hawks! Keep your chin up and know We love you, we are proud of you!!!

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Attorney general says 13 rapes in Lawrence, Manhattan may be connected

It's scary for all of us! But we cannot let him take control of us and we can't live in fear. Just be smart and Live by the buddy rule and always have someone with you.
I hope they catch the creep SOON!

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Self earns Sporting News national coach of the year

Congrats Coach Self! We are blessed to have you for our coach. Rock Chalk! :)

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School board candidate wants to bring budget skills to the table

He sounds like a good candidate and maybe he can help reduce the high cost of sending our children to public school.

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House committee begins hearings on statewide smoking bill


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Father says alcohol killed son, urges KU fraternity to ban drinking

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family! I wish they would crack down more on all this drinking! How sad for the family to loose a child in this manner! He was not 21 and someone has to be providing him the alcohol! Isn't that against the law to give minors alcohol? Sounds like a law suit coming to SAE.

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McCray wins second straight Big 12 player of the week award

Congrats Danielle!!! We are so proud of YOU!

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Dead end for name change?

I like the idea! I never understood WHY we had a street named MIssouri anyways.

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