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Name that player

Stupid editorial. Do you really think any of the players on defense who got toasted against Baylor want their names of their uni's at this point in time? Maybe instead of numbers we can get phrases like, burnt, slow footed, can't tackle, lacks desire, gives up, can't block (cousin of can't tackle), lacks size, hands of stone, etc........

October 5, 2010 at 5:51 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

KU upsets No. 15 Georgia Tech, 28-25

In honor of the anniversay of 911, lay off!

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Gill names Webb starting QB for Saturday

Gee whiz.!!!! Pick played no worse than Webb. Maybe an overhaul of the offensive line who gave him absolutely no time to throw. I was a big fan of the Gill hire but must say I'm already beginning to think this was a major mistake. I'm all about being a man of faith and leading by example but he seems to focus way too much on that and now hearing his players say he's laid back causes me great concern. Webb is not the answer, he will do no better and I see two interceptions and many sacks. We couldnt beat a team from 1-AA that went 3 -8 last year. Gill flunked everything on saturday and I see a 45-10 whoopin on Saturday.

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Lew Perkins' tenure as Kansas athletic director comes to a sudden conclusion — months ahead of schedule

Bye bye you big ol lurch. Never liked you to begin with and you left in a mess. The fundraising you did is outweighted by all the negatives. Your failures are huge, good riddance!

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Kansas Supreme Court disbars Lawrence attorney Chris Miller

About time, he was and is a disgrace. He was a shady as they come.

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Wage increases slated for police and firefighters

Smitty, you are right on about the benefits package not beig discussed. It's acutally called the "skills incentive pakage" and all officers are eligible after a certain number of years employed. What the public does not know is that these extra pays result in an officer's salary reaching 66,000 and higher. Over 90% of the patrol officers have reached this pay level. The pay identified on the front page of LJWorld is very misleading and one could say just plain wrong.

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City urged to create sustainability post

Geez, another stupid idea. When is enough, enough? All of the ideas identified are rather easy to implement without a director. Time to get a reality check. Losing more faith everyday!

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City manager rejected numerous options in choosing where to make cuts to city budget

holroyd, aka hawkperch, you need to learn you facts before you open that big mouth of yours. A restaurant, really DH? Suggestion, take a long break, get some new material as yours is well worn out and try again in about 6 months!

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Homeless population difficult to count

What a worthless way to spend resources including city employees time.

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