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KU journalism professor Guth placed on leave as school reviews comment he made on Twitter on shootings

A poor choice of words, but I'm much more outraged about what this legislature and Governor are doing to K-12 and our universities than I am about somebody's tweet! I doubt very many people even saw the tweet until the Pres. of the Kansas NRA made a big deal about it. K,U. and the regents should be standing up for their students and professors to the legislature and their slash and burn attitudes and spend less time on a 44 character tweet.

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Roberts, Jenkins remain opposed to military strike against Syria

I'm sure if they could tie it to a repeal of Obamacare they would be all for it.

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Statehouse Live: Brownback's task force on school efficiency includes no one who works in a school

What makes me think the report has already been written and is sitting in a drawer over at ALEC so it can be pulled out and presented as this committee's work.

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Business owners: Kansas lacks qualified workers

All I could think while reading this article is why would any business choose to locate here where we cut school funding and can't provide an educated workforce. We are behind in building permits because they are waiting on an election? Who are these people kidding? We are behind because nobody wants to build because people have serious doubts about moving here and people already here have serious doubts about remaining here. It is so sad to see the state of Kansas fall to the bottom. Even when these leaders are gone, it will take years to recover. They have ruined the quality of life in this state that brought people here in the first place.

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Democrats express concerns that Brownback's tax cuts will lead to harmful budget cuts

These tax cuts are going to destroy the only thing that has ever brought businesses to Kansas - our public school system. Business owners want to provide a quality system for their employees and they want an educated workforce. Watch out Mississippi, we are racing to the bottom to catch up with you!

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Kansas Democrats offer school finance plan

I assume you are referring to PISA. So let's talk about the real findings by the OECD and what Finland a top performer is doing.

They found that the best school systems are the most equitable . (Brownback's plan will create more inequity)
They found that countries where students repeat grades more often tend to have worse results overall. (that's the Florida model Brownback is always talking about for Kansas)

In top performing Finland, the teaching profession is one of prestige, you wouldn't hear them calling their teachers thugs, like the TEA party Republicans do. 98% of teachers in Finland are unionized!

Let's talk about our student populations. You are likely on any given day, in any U.S. school to find a sick child without access to healthcare. That's something you won't find in Finland where they have national healthcare and everyone can see a doctor when needed.

I implore people to quit reading one sentence sound bites and really look at what is behind the student achievement in Finland if you're going to compare our system to theirs.

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Speaker O'Neal apologizes for forwarding email that calls Michelle Obama "Mrs. YoMama"

O'Neal, quit spending so much time sending offensive e-mails and create some jobs for Kansas.

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Focus on marriage to end poverty misguided, Democratic Party leader says

The government should not be advocating marriage as a solution to ending poverty or as a cure for anything. Marriage should be an individual choice. And for the comment about Mrs. Wagnon not caring about marriage, the only marriage she needs to care about is her own. If being single is such a horrible thing, then why did Brownback appoint a divorced male living away from his children to head up SRS? This administration has some sick notion that men should be telling women how to live their lives.

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Anti-tax Missouri billionaire contributing to effort to repeal Kansas state income tax

First, this is never going to pass in Missouri, but if Kansas passes it they will be forced to increase sales tax dramatically. The real danger is for border communities like Johnson County. People will drive 10 minutes across the state line to make their purchases. How long before their malls are empty and their businesses are closing their doors. This is not only the most regressive tax plan putting the burden on working families it is an economic disaster and will stunt the economic growth in this state for years to come.

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UPDATE: City tells Occupy Lawrence campers they must leave South Park by Thursday night; campers consider defying order

Civil disobedience has a long history in America and has shaped social policy change on many fronts that we now take for granted. Some examples include:
1.) Boston Tea Party
2.) Women's Suffrage Movement
3.) Abolition of Slavery
4.) Workers Rights

I would ask that those staying tell us what those of us who can't stay, can do to help you. What do you need?

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