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Line-cutting, mobbing has KU Athletics reviewing Late Night admittance protocol

why not give tickets away earlier in the week, at Dillons or Hyvee, make that the only places you can get the tickets. then only people with tickets can get in at the event....This may eliminate the door rush.

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‘One-woman machine’ makes answering community needs a priority

we have had several students go through her class at SW....She is great and always responds to parent emails almost immediately!!! she is always looking out for the kids!!

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Lawrence schools planning expanded career and technical education

where is the culinary arts program that is currently offered?

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Sound Off: I'm a neighbor near Southwest Middle School, and several nights a week and on Saturdays,

there is a clearly marked cross walk on that street, that no cars park near , so try crossing the street there.

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4 prison inmates escape Kan. jail after transfer

at least Drew is representin' the 785!! Whoot Whoot!!

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Three inmates escaped from an Ottawa County jail Wednesday. All are considered armed and dangerous.

at least Drew is representin' the 785!!! Whoot Whoot

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Lawrence man, 20, faces drug charges

thats right behind my house...wonder who it was???

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Officials: Attempt at thawing frozen pipes sparked fire that destroyed mobile home on 31st Street

i cant believe the cold hearted people on this post. Regardless of the cause- A family lost their home. It is winter. A better use of your time would be donating to the red cross or any volunteer organization. Some of you should be ashamed of your behavior, disgusting.

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Lawrence Elementary School Vision Task Force appoints members to focus on implementing improvement ideas

wow ...I could have told them portables were a bad idea for much did this study of the obvious cost?

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Middle class feels health insurance pain

my son had 4 stitches at the ER in January -that is it no xray absolutely nothing else- total cost before insurance- almost $1200.00. My share after insurance almost $500.00 But that did include free removal of the stitches- how kind. The most expensive ice skating trip ever. As an added of March 1 my plan offers no emergency room coverage at all.

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