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Questions surround futures of Kansas trio

is that Gaelic?

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Jayhawks welcomed home by 25,000 fans

TtownKUlivin, I think you may be a little misinformed how much Coach Self actually earns. He makes a pretty penny on top of his University salary with bonuses and endorsements.

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Assisted-living center fined after reports of resident neglect

The worst problem is that these places are a business trying to turn a profit. This means they are understaffed and those that are sufficiantly staffed are staffed by underqulalified individuals. Would you want to change an adult diaper for 7 bucks an hour?

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Event to give seniors place to party - and 1 free ride

Way to go to the fine people at Jack Ellena. I'm so proud of them for donating a traded in high mileage deathtrap. Advice to the kid who wins it in.

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Possible snow-clearing changes get cold shoulder

if i'm gonna fall and bust my ass either way, i'd rather have an inch of snow cushioning my falls instead of a 2mil thick sheet of ice where that little bit of shoveled snow melted and turned to ice.

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Police testify about woman's injuries

JaegerOJIkeTurner_NoDifference (Anonymous) says:

(the same Carl Cornwell representing Edwin Hall, the Olathe man that kidnapped and murdered an Overland Park teenager that disappeared from a Target store)


allegedly kidnapped and killed.

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Man accused of taking $2M after bank error

You would be surprised the digital fingerprints you leave everywhere. Things from cell phones to your digital camera track your locations and imprint data. I have proprietary knowledge in electronic forensics and if most americans knew what secrets their nifty little gadgets told i'm sure they wouldn't be happy.

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More products get microchips

Anyone who wants to make a fortune invest in wire mesh. People will start building their houses with wire mesh in the walls to create a Faraday Cage. Similar thing they are doing in most auditoriums to block Cellular Signals.

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Two men charged after shots fired on K-10

now if we could only figure out a way to control ignorant bigots

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Couple face life terms in sex abuse cases

Scary thing is I just saw a guy I went to HS with on the KBI sex offender registry about a month ago for indecent liberties with a child under 16. Surprised me. What scares me is 3 days ago I saw he created a facebook profile. How can he be permitted on a social networking site teeming with High School children? It seems like a doorway for a second offense.

Pardon any typos as i'm browsing on my SmartPhone.

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