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Sixth Street Wal-Mart to open on April 29; 235 to be hired

not gonna read all the posts...but long story short:Dont like Wal-Mart...dont shop there thenDont like making 7 bucks an hour...get a masters degreei buy my food at Checkers, my paint at Westlake, and my toilet paper at wal-mart.

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Shoppers should scrutinize warranty offers

I would also tend to research the business repair, return ,and refund policy first. Sometimes it's on the company's website and other times you can find it at customer service. Stores like wal-mart have a very broad return and refund policy. While you may not get the most knowledgeable sales staff, you can most certainly save a few dollars. Save the headache and research your products before hand. is a great resource for electronic reviews because usually the include videos, editor reviews ,and reviews from customers who have bought the product and also giving you the option to view similar items.

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Thanks for firing my pregnant wife before christmas.

Thanks for your comments. A little background, my wife was working for a major fast food chain as a corporate consultant. She had been working in the company since high school starting out making minimum wage and getting promoted to the corporate side all before she was 21. The company sold of part of it's operations to the individual who had been her boss. She was making a great salary, a company car, and great health insurance. But once the company switched over, everything went downhill. I barely make enough to cover our rent and utilities. She was our bread winner while we BOTH finished our educations. I have heard of Dave Ramsey, i appreciate the link and will use some of his teachings. And Luxor, yes, WE made the personal choice to bring another life into this world...just as YOUR mother did for you. Our baby girl is not the cause of our problems thank you

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Lawrence police arrest suspect on charges of auto burglary, burglary and aggravated assault

if memory serves, that's Trailridge Apartments

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Highway patrol to blitz area for KU-KSU football game

so how can they instruct me to stop , ask me to provide my DL and insurance so they can run a warrant check if i have done nothing other than travel down a particular street?

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The IRS wants to give you your money

sure enough i found out that we were owed slightly over $1000 dollars because when we moved the check was never forwarded.Luckily i read this article on MSNBC last night. I'm curious as to why my name nor my wifes were listed.

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Jury: Lawrence surgeon not liable in death of woman from breast cancer

Dr. Myrick is one of the finest surgeons i've met. He helped explain some concerns I had about my procedure and was very professional during the post-op. He also performed a procedure on my wife and she is very pleased with his professionalism. While it is unfortunate that this woman lost her life, a grieving family probably was contacted by a greedy ambulance chasing attorney who fed them lines of 'comfort' in order to secure them into a contract and his 1/3rd of a settlement.If people would stop suing for every little thing that is beyond theirs and the physicians control our healthcare system wouldn't be in the tatters it is.

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Dallas TV station to report Darrell Arthur allegedly may have benefited from academic improprieties in high school

"Moonbat (Anonymous) says:Well if he "should've never made it out of high school" I wonder how he was able to sustain academic eligibility through two years of college?"--------------------------------------------------------------------Man..i could tell you stories...

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Backers of fair trade organize coffee break

I'd rather just go to dunn bros on 23rd. Fair Trade coffee and a local business.

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Frog without lungs found on expedition

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